Yakuza Of the End's Zombie Types Revealed

Andriasang: In past Yakuza titles, the neon city of Kamurocho, much like the wretched real life Kabukicho off which it's based, was packed with all varieties of people, from yakuza to homeless, and even the dreaded gaijeeeeeen!

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N4GAddict2896d ago

Game is going to be awesome

Kakihara2896d ago

I like how the research scientist looks like a 2 dollah whore with a white lab coat on. You've gotta love the Japanese.

showtimefolks2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

hopefully after yakuza 4 release in the US we will see this yakuza in the US early next year

a game with guns,zombies and no time limit like dead rising 2



they need to make sure shooting is fun in the game and need a lot of ammo to blow off as many heads as possible

Ponurasky2896d ago

Can't wait for this one. A game full of EPIC WIN. ^___^

Deathstroke2896d ago

mfw "dreaded gaijeeeeeen!"

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