Today's seriously 32-player Wii FPS: Medal of Honor Heroes 2

Medal of Honor Heroes 2 for the Wii sounds like a rehash of a long-running franchise. But 32-player online battles will make this shooter unique. Will internet connectivity become a key component for a great Wii FPS? The game ships November 13, marking an overdue trend of Wii games finally getting online.

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Nphect3719d ago

Now this looks like a lot of fun... even the graphics on the the wii is getting better... thumbs up!!!

kennyfisterbotm3719d ago

I'm so happy that the Wii is going to finally get something adults will enjoy (other than wii sports which is great at partys). This is going to be great, and yes the graphics do look better. Nice to see what the wii can really do.

Honeal2g3719d ago

i cant believe it looks so good ..or the fact that its 32 player.

Danman353719d ago

Looks like crap, don't know what you guys are looking at.

vid33nyc13719d ago

When i see it then i will beleive it.How well will the motiont controls be when lag comes into play.How well will that cursor on the screen move.It looks ok,doesnt look that great.

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The story is too old to be commented.