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Rumor: Nintendo 3DS Cracked, Flash Cards Potentially Incoming

If rumors are to be believed, the future is looking dim for the Nintendo 3DS and the system hasn’t even launched yet. Despite some negative feelings surrounding the said handheld due to a reported short battery life and region-locking, things are becoming somewhat worse. A group of hackers are saying they can produce flash cards and have cracked the system. (Nintendo DS)

Hard to tell
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branchedout  +   1725d ago
Now this is just silly. Ridin' the hack-hype wave for hits.
Biggest  +   1725d ago
Are the hackers doing this for homebrew and emulators too? Or are they still what everyone knows there are? Piece of sh*t thieves.
ChickeyCantor  +   1725d ago
Its usually the idea of having backups on one card.
But that idea is misused.

They do NOT hold responsibility for what others do with it.
When you download or use these hacks and what not there is also a disclaimer. It basically says: You are on your own.
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firefoxprime  +   1725d ago
jeez man...and we're actually getting a "decent" virtual console for gb/gbc/gba games. Leave my 3DS alone!!!!

Its everything the DS wasn't! Core titles, above psp graphics, huge third party support, no shovelware in sight(yet)!!!

We don't even know the price point yet man! Or the prices of the games...If this rumored piracy crap blows up, Big N may actually launch the handheld at a higher price point. Same goes for the games...

not cool man. not cool.
schaffey  +   1725d ago
Could you add some kind of a source please? This sounds more than unbeliveable.
xer0  +   1725d ago
Let me guess... hackers want to leverage the power of the 3DS for the greater good and homebrewing...

Meh - Hackers are truly getting a bad name for themselves these days. The spirit of hacking is being abused to massage the egos of a handful of geeks.

They don't care about creating great games for you to experience.

Name me one awesome game that has come out of the labour of the hacker community.

Just one.
branchedout  +   1725d ago
Counter Strike.
Neckbear  +   1725d ago
"Name me one awesome game that has come out of the labour of the hacker community."
Just one?

The hundreds of fan translations for games we haven't seen overseas.

Live-A-Live, Mother 3, Soma Bringer, Bahamut Lagoon, just to name a few.

Also, as branchedout said, Counter Strike. Killing Floor and DotA also come to mind.


Those got fan translated for a reason. Live-a-Live, Mother 3 and Bahamut Lagoon all are considered cult games, and some of the best of its genres. Hell, Mother 3 is actually considered one of the best games of all time. Soma Bringer is also pretty awesome.
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xer0  +   1725d ago
That's a very small obscure list.

Are any of those games awesome?


Fine they - were translated by people who care, but my point is - the hacker community couldn't produce a game if their lives depended on it.
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guzman  +   1725d ago
@ xer0: Hey genius, you think people would go to the trouble to translate games that suck? You can add Seken Densetsu 3 and Front Mission: Gunhazzard to that list as well.

Edit: You'd make a great mascot. Neckbear+1 bubble
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Baka-akaB  +   1725d ago
That's indeed the most interesting and genuinely honest use .

Those guys usually dont condone piracy , when possible they even only propose the patches to owners of the original jap game .

More than Half Tales of games wouldnt be playable without such translation work , and the rest they added undubs for those who can't stand the us dubbed versions .
Eamon  +   1725d ago
Guys you need to stop generalising hackers.

They aren't some organisation set to destroy your beloved consoles and games.

They are random people. Some hackers make mods for the sake of piracy. Some hackers are against piracy. Everyone is different.

The Ad Hominem attacks are getting way too childish.
kesvalk  +   1725d ago
you guys forgot tales of phantasia and star ocean...

BTW, mario war is a awesome homebrew game for the wii...

and moonshell 2.0 for DS
and xenogears for PSP...

yeah, i think i should be thanking the hackers a lot...
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lizard81288  +   1724d ago
plus, if it wasn't for importing, some games may have never came over, via TvC, and the tails games.

kind of sucks importers are in the same boat with pirates and evil hackers...
ChickeyCantor  +   1725d ago
Music tracker.
toddnepeon  +   1725d ago
damn looks like i need the next 3DS R4!
kesvalk  +   1725d ago
gonna wait for AcekardLite3D
BubbleSniper  +   1725d ago
this make me sad if true... possible? chinese leaked HW to unknown

peoples and rest take off from there. theory only......
MajestieBeast  +   1725d ago
Bububububububububububububububu bubububububububut the homebrew, evil corporations dont want us to put homebrew on their consoles. We do not condone piracy, but the chance of it happening is 100%. But we are not to blame for that we just wanted to open up the platform for every so called expert. So they can use it to make crappy homebrew games and also to play games from the 80's and 90's. Who are they kidding.
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xer0  +   1725d ago
Well said...
xCaptainAmazing  +   1725d ago
Whining about it won't change anything. I'm not directly talking about your post, but in general people are wasting their time here. Learn to live with hacking, like you do with your neighbour, or the weather...
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nycredude  +   1725d ago
I'm sorry but my neighbors aren't trying to steal my shit. If they ever are and I catch them I will beat them down!
Eamon  +   1725d ago
"I will beat them down!"

Almost sounds like from an anime. You sure you didn't download any? =P

I think most people on this site equate piracy=stealing only when it comes to games.
But become total hypocrites when it comes to other forms of software. Like you bought MS Office or Photoshop or Adobe Premiere or that episode of Lost. lol

And to those who are 100% legit and buy everything. Of course, I'm not referring to you.
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kesvalk  +   1725d ago
so why do your house have walls?
why do you lock the door and close the windows?

leave all open and your neibour will be the first to rob you...
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AnonUser5555  +   1725d ago
"Hackers will be prone to the system." Nice grammar.
crinale  +   1725d ago
Sue them Nintendo!
Stealth20k  +   1725d ago
lol this sounds so fake
xCaptainAmazing  +   1725d ago
It is very likely to be fake.
But it goes to show you can't stop hacking. Bickering about it is pointless. As long as people learn programming and computers are around, they will exist.
yewles1  +   1725d ago
Lesson learned, kiddies?
PSjesus  +   1725d ago
Day one for me lol,Good job Nintendo helping pirates is the best
way to sell your systems
SephireX  +   1725d ago
OMG if this true, Nintendo really are stupid. I know it will raise hardware sales but they will ultimately lose out.
MajestieBeast  +   1725d ago
Its all about the homebrew brah! /S
Masterchef2007  +   1725d ago
If they have a flash cart available since release for the 3DS (like R5) then Devs will suffer a lot if the develop for the 3DS. This is terrible news if indeed its true
heylo  +   1725d ago
hackers gonna hack
Baka-akaB  +   1725d ago
The console would always get eventually hacked , but it was a truly bad idea for nintendo to region lock the 3ds .

It's always a valid reason to launch an hacking front
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jay2  +   1725d ago
Wow, well that'll be embarising IF it's true.....
The onlything I'd love these people to do is remove Regon lock. Sony got it right, region free and the longest console to get hacked. PSP, well :( PSP 2 needs to learn.
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silvacrest  +   1725d ago
sad if true, the thing isnt even out yet
Godmars290  +   1725d ago
Guess we can blame those Chinese workers who stole units off the production line.
joeorc  +   1725d ago
"i agree completely with but lets be honest nintendo sh*ts money this wont do anything to them and thats teh truthzzz"

they may make money on their product , but that's no real reason to penalize them for it by theft.

I think hacking is ok but when people cross the line such as these Hacker's i no longer consider them Hackers i consider them criminals, Now it's my opinion an other's may disagree with me an im sure other's will stick up for them. I on the other hand do not see it as their doing things for the good. I see them as what they are doing is no more than theft of property. something of which is takeing away from not just Nintedo but everyone who worked hard on it's design and the developer's who would be making software for such a device.

because every embedded game system you can count on piracy, but let's be honest Hacking a system is one thing but with the online structure an the networks these companies provide why would you need to hack it for Home brew any more an trying to go at it on your own. I mean with the Android App store as an example you can make applications that get put on and get's promoted free an paid applications.

there is not much difference anymore between going to these companies an getting official OK to release it on their network. yes there maybe more hoops to jump through but turning away indie developer's is something none of them would do out right.

Its not like they would not keep Correspondence with you if you are relly interested in making software.

It seems these are more about hacking it an letting other's create homebrew than making Homebrew themselves!

they seem they do not care about Homebrew at all!
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wingman32x  +   1725d ago
I'll still buy one, and buy games for it. Even if hard times hit the 3DS, I'll stick with them. Nintendo has earned my loyalty due to 4 generations of awesome handheld gaming. IF the 3DS struggles, I'll be there supporting nintendo through it.

Sucks to hear about this though, hopefully it's not true.
yugioh100  +   1725d ago
Crack away most games nowadays aren't even worth the money let alone playing.
N4OGs  +   1725d ago
they deserve to be the first console hacked every gen
- Friend codes
- Region lock
- Short autonomy
- Overpriced
- rehashes and port games
- 6 months later release for big name games like pokemon b/w in other regions

i wont buy a dang game if nintendo doesnt get its dam act together. you nintendo fans need to make them do better by not sucking nintendos D**k all the time no matter what because of nostalgia. you guys are worse then political parties and religious nuts you hypocrites.
xino  +   1725d ago
Piracy cracked or not! Hardware and games will still sell millions!

Loyalist got bills to pay!

GameFaQ are loyal to Nintendo so they are happy to pay them their $40 a month for 3DS games.

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick!:)
agingerbreadbum  +   1725d ago
... i personally think that by the way it's worded, that the hackers(maybe not even hackers, just people who know flash cards) said that they could make the flash cards, and somewhere down the trickle of info, someone assumed they'd be able to crack it... just a theory.

...as for whether it's going to be cracked, of course it will, every gaming console has so far, not even to mention the incentive from hacking basically a 3d screen and 3d camera... look how fast people jumped on hacking the kinect, it will be even faster for the 3ds, If it isn't cracked now(i don't see how you can crack a system without an os, but i never messed with code, so i wouldn't know) It will be as soon as it's launched. I predict that it'll be cracked within the first week.

P.S. Nintendo will still make profit from them, because they sell their consoles at a profit.
Ponurasky  +   1725d ago
well, Nintendo is asking for it. Region Lock is a dumb idea and if some hack can get this off I'm fully support it. I want to play Devil Survivor Overclock in Europe!
Silly gameAr  +   1724d ago
Why can't these asses just leave well enough alone.

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