Rumor: Nintendo 3DS Cracked, Flash Cards Potentially Incoming

If rumors are to be believed, the future is looking dim for the Nintendo 3DS and the system hasn’t even launched yet. Despite some negative feelings surrounding the said handheld due to a reported short battery life and region-locking, things are becoming somewhat worse. A group of hackers are saying they can produce flash cards and have cracked the system.

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A change in the wind2840d ago ShowReplies(8)
branchedout2840d ago

Now this is just silly. Ridin' the hack-hype wave for hits.

Biggest2840d ago

Are the hackers doing this for homebrew and emulators too? Or are they still what everyone knows there are? Piece of sh*t thieves.

ChickeyCantor2840d ago

Its usually the idea of having backups on one card.
But that idea is misused.

They do NOT hold responsibility for what others do with it.
When you download or use these hacks and what not there is also a disclaimer. It basically says: You are on your own.

2840d ago
firefoxprime2840d ago

jeez man...and we're actually getting a "decent" virtual console for gb/gbc/gba games. Leave my 3DS alone!!!!

Its everything the DS wasn't! Core titles, above psp graphics, huge third party support, no shovelware in sight(yet)!!!

We don't even know the price point yet man! Or the prices of the games...If this rumored piracy crap blows up, Big N may actually launch the handheld at a higher price point. Same goes for the games...

not cool man. not cool.

schaffey2840d ago

Could you add some kind of a source please? This sounds more than unbeliveable.

xer02840d ago

Let me guess... hackers want to leverage the power of the 3DS for the greater good and homebrewing...

Meh - Hackers are truly getting a bad name for themselves these days. The spirit of hacking is being abused to massage the egos of a handful of geeks.

They don't care about creating great games for you to experience.

Name me one awesome game that has come out of the labour of the hacker community.

Just one.

Neckbear2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Just one?

The hundreds of fan translations for games we haven't seen overseas.

Live-A-Live, Mother 3, Soma Bringer, Bahamut Lagoon, just to name a few.

Also, as branchedout said, Counter Strike. Killing Floor and DotA also come to mind.


Those got fan translated for a reason. Live-a-Live, Mother 3 and Bahamut Lagoon all are considered cult games, and some of the best of its genres. Hell, Mother 3 is actually considered one of the best games of all time. Soma Bringer is also pretty awesome.

xer02840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

That's a very small obscure list.

Are any of those games awesome?


Fine they - were translated by people who care, but my point is - the hacker community couldn't produce a game if their lives depended on it.

guzman2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

@ xer0: Hey genius, you think people would go to the trouble to translate games that suck? You can add Seken Densetsu 3 and Front Mission: Gunhazzard to that list as well.

Edit: You'd make a great mascot. Neckbear+1 bubble

Baka-akaB2840d ago

That's indeed the most interesting and genuinely honest use .

Those guys usually dont condone piracy , when possible they even only propose the patches to owners of the original jap game .

More than Half Tales of games wouldnt be playable without such translation work , and the rest they added undubs for those who can't stand the us dubbed versions .

Eamon2840d ago

Guys you need to stop generalising hackers.

They aren't some organisation set to destroy your beloved consoles and games.

They are random people. Some hackers make mods for the sake of piracy. Some hackers are against piracy. Everyone is different.

The Ad Hominem attacks are getting way too childish.

kesvalk2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

you guys forgot tales of phantasia and star ocean...

BTW, mario war is a awesome homebrew game for the wii...

and moonshell 2.0 for DS
and xenogears for PSP...

yeah, i think i should be thanking the hackers a lot...

lizard812882839d ago

plus, if it wasn't for importing, some games may have never came over, via TvC, and the tails games.

kind of sucks importers are in the same boat with pirates and evil hackers...

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NXSwitch2840d ago

damn looks like i need the next 3DS R4!

kesvalk2839d ago

gonna wait for AcekardLite3D

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