Why Battlefield 3 needs more than 4 classes

An article on why Battlefield 3 needs more classes than Bad Company 2 and previous Battlefield games.

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DelbertGrady2863d ago

Not so sure it needs more classes but deeper classes with more levels and unlockables would be nice. Overall I think the classes in BFBC 2 were perfectly balanced. All of them were useful and none outweighed the other.

ngecenk2863d ago

yeah i agree. it is a great game but i've unlocked everything in a month. more weapon variation would be good.

Yi-Long2863d ago

... it's what I loved about the old Battlefield 2, and about Battlefield 1943: It was very simple to get into, play exactly the way you want, well-balanced, and no-one would really get an advantage over others apart from skill and insight!

I really don't want it all to get too complicated.

HolyOrangeCows2863d ago

I'd at least like to be able to unlock more guns that don't suck. What sense does it make to unlock a weapon that has NO higher stats than the default weapon for that class?

"Actually...I want as few 'unlockables' and 'perks' as possible..."
That would certainly be nice....especially when we're trapped under the COD Cloud.

NegativeCreepWA2863d ago

Just give the Spec-ops the C-4 again and I'll be happy.

Zuriel2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

I don't see what is wrong with having a variety of unlockable weapons, adds realism and replayability to every shooting game.

Having a ridiculous amount of over-powered perks (which Bad Company didn't really have but COD did) is a bad idea however.

Honestly if guns were more focused on their real life counter-parts things would probably balance themselves out, (as long as stupid perks and realistic-fair limits were used).

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socomnick2863d ago

Bc2 was not very balanced.

You had a medic with a light machinegun, pretty much a rambo jesus.

You also had a sniper class that threw wall hacking balls, can kill with 1 shot at any distance, and could destroy tanks with mortar shells with unlimited ammo.

Engineer and Assault were the only balanced classes, but even then they werent perfect.

Assault class was too plain and boring compared to the other classes.

RonXD2863d ago

What...? Snipers do not kill at one shot at any range dude. I think you need to do your research.

thong_pounder2863d ago

Lol now u r officially a retard

vickers5002863d ago

Not to mention those f*cking bradleys. Those are probably the most unbalanced thing about that game, and need to be completely removed from the game.

The other normal tanks are fine though, but the bradley definitely needs to go, or at least be modified so it can't shoot automatic shells.

And yeah, the medic class with an m60 was as you put it, the rambo jesus class, but they patched the m60 and had it nerfed a bit.

NegativeCreepWA2863d ago

Snipers in Hard Core were unbalanced but other then that the game was fine. I refuse to play BC2 on Hard Core because of the snipers.

magicwalnuts2863d ago

Yep the medic and the snipers are unbalanced. medic has too much anti infantry and the snipers have too much anti armor. It doesn't promote team work as well. BF2's classes were balanced, and they had awesome unlocks. If it aint broke don't fix it. BC2 is a different franchise, so it doesn't really matter there, but BF3 should get it right.

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Dlacy13g2863d ago

I agree with DelbertGrady...more classes are not needed. More customization is. Give players more unlockables in the form of guns, perks and.... uniform peices. Allow us to customize the look beyond just a couple of set skins like they did in BFBC2. Let me make my soilder look different then the next guys. Sure, sure you need an overall look for each side..but let me do things like add a flack jacket or sunglasses, face mask, gas masks, beret vs helmet vs cap... different boots... ammo vests, etc...

Also, with regards to weapons.... dont just give us all the gadgets and weapons ...make us work for them more than in previous games. silencers on weapons need to be unlocked not just given when you unlock a weapon. And dont unlock one weapon for all classes... make us work for each weapon for each class.

Just make the game make me keep coming back! Heck...I wouldn't even mind a MAG style system for BF3.

ExPresident2863d ago

Unlocks lead to people moaning and groaning that the guy with more time to play than them is owning because he has an uber l33t lvl 3412343 gun that they haven't unlocked yet.

Hairy Chewie2863d ago

@ExPresident I don't think they'll have that problem. Like with BFBC2, none of the guns were overpowered and each unlock was maybe a slight improvement or just had different properties.

Dlacy13g2863d ago

@ExPresident.. like Hairy Chewie said..the "locked" weapons dont need to be anything more than slight improvements here or there...or even in some instances no improvment just an aesthetic difference. Give us balance but more things to unlock, collect and make our experience feel a little more unique. I dont need to earn patches... I would rather earn something ingame. turn some of the patches into other weapon varients and/or ingame items to be worn.

vickers5002863d ago

"none of the guns were overpowered"

The M60 says hi.

jib2863d ago

m60 was already nerfed

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GRRiMREEAPeR2863d ago

Well one of the reasons COD is considered THE FPS is because of its create a class. U have alot of options and can create a truly unique class. The freedom appeals to many including myself. everytime i play battlefield i get mad that i dont have more freedom in the character i choose to play

ExPresident2863d ago

The issue is BF is a more team oriented game. You can create whatever class you want in CoD because you are basically playing rambo the whole game. BF has classes because its about teamwork and playing as a team. One guy can't do it along, but together you can. Its not 'completely' team oriented but its much better than CoD in that respect.

SixZeroFour2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

that "freedom" also resulted in why its such an unbalanced game

the customization i only need is which sights to use, attachments, and equipment WITHIN that class, but not the total freedom of choosing from a list of every weapon, attachment and equipment

also, adding more weapons with the addition to them "acting" the way they would in real life (ie. recoil, rate of fire, modes like burst or single fire, etc)

lil Titan2863d ago

it would be nice and i kinda half agree with the article. But if you pick a class you know your duties, no one forgets to drop ammo or med kit, fix a tank drop sensory ball i think its just the asshole in them that doesnt. at least i know what my duties are when I pick a class

SixZeroFour2863d ago

same, i go out of my way to perform the specific duties cause it usually gives you the most exp and the quickest way

AKA2863d ago

i know most of you "love it"
but i'm tired of unlocking every gun in every game i play
its anoing and it take away from the fun and gameplay.

its ok to unlock one or two w/e guns and few extra attachments but in every shotter today we have to unlock to start having the full experience and its really anoing.

TheGameFoxJTV2863d ago

Bring it back to how BF2 is. and it'll work perfectly again. BC2 is nowhere near as epic as BF2 is.

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Pandamobile2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Go back to the Battlefield 2 seven class system where every class had a very specific role, or condense it a little bit. I don't really like the current BFBC2 class system.

Spec Ops: Carries an SMG, C4.
Sniper: Carries sniper rifle, claymore
Medic: Carries assault rifle, med pack, defib
Assault: Carries high caliber assault rifle, grenade launcher
Support: Carries machine gun, ammo pack
Engineer: Carries shotgun, repair tool, AT weapons.

Is what I'd like to see.

Agent-862863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

I agree with you Pandamobile, but you have 6 classes listed, not the 7 like BF2. Frankly, I like your list just fine because I think the Engineer/AT combo works well and doesn't need to be separate like BF2. Oh and sorry if my second paragraph on my post (#3) was similar to yours: you got yours in just seconds before me so I didn't get a chance to read yours first. Oh well, we looks like we're thinking alike for BF3. I, for one, would like to see the BF2 size maps and classes with BFBC2 style destruction.

Pandamobile2863d ago

I know there was seven, I was just saying that I wouldn't mind if they combined Engie and AT into one class like they have in BC2.

Rearden2863d ago

Actually, BF2 had six classes :)

Agent-862863d ago

Actually, it had seven: Assault, Sniper, Support, Medic, Anti-tank, Special Forces, and Engineer. If you look at the article, there is a BF2 graphic that shows all seven.

Pandamobile2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

7 Classes in BF2

Assault, Medic, Support, Sniper, Spec Ops, Anti-tank, Engineer

soundslike2863d ago

I'm not too sure about support only having ammo. At the rate people die its rare that you need someone whose ONLY job is to provide covering fire and ammo. I don't see an issue with assault having ammo. You only run out of ammo....if you are assaulting. If you have to retreat during an assault to get to an ammo box, then its no longer an assault.

BF2 was the best in the series but I think people glorify it too much, its class system is flawed and can be improved, just as BFBC2's can. Even with the teamwork, some of the 7 (or 6 in your list) classes just feel pointless. I never felt the need to run assault when I could run Medic or Spec ops, the gun damage and range could all be easily worked around with a little bit of situational awareness.
Dice was right to TRY and merge some classes, the BF2 system is not that great at inspiring teamwork, its only really good at punishing the lack of it. Since most of the matches played on servers will be public, they are not wrong to try and "trick" noobs into helping each other.

Agent-862863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Article needs a couple of corrections: "The last few Battlefield games, Bad Company and Bad Company 2, only featured 4 classes, Assault, Recon, Support and Engineer." Actually, Support is not one of the classes, the Medic is. Also, "previous Battlefield games, which had 6 classes" while they show a BF2 graphic right next to it clearly showing 7 classes.

Anyways, I believe I saw it confirmed that BF3 will have more classes than BFBC2. Support is definitely on it's way back because of it's need to be separate from Assault. Support will probably get the heavy MG's that the Medic currently has, so the Medic will also likely get their old BF2 style weapons. I'm also hoping the Recon class gets separated as well; back to the Sniper and Special Forces because the SF guys are the ones who should have the C4. Snipers are in back, away from the action. Why do they have the C4? I think the Anti-tank and Engineer combo works well and probably could stay the same. So, hopefully, BF3 will have 6 classes: Assault, Support, Engineer, Medic, Sniper, and Spec Ops.

Rearden2863d ago

Can you provide a link/source where it was confirmed it would have more classes?

Agent-862863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

I saw it in this Youtube video. Look at about the 1:20 mark and the announcer states that there will be five classes: Assault, Medic, Support, Engineer, and Sniper. However, that was from a leaked document from 2007. I'm really hoping they divide up the Sniper into Sniper and Spec Ops because the Sniper doesn't need C4 and it should go to an "assault" style class like Spec Ops.

iamnsuperman2863d ago

Reason why fps games in general need more than 4 classes. 4 is just way to limited


Special Op's should carry shotgun. They're more close quarters.

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