The 'Official' Xbox Red Ring of Death Music Video

360 fan "SuBZ3r0", has created this amusing and light-hearted piece over at He describes it as "The Official Xbox Red Ring of Death" Enjoy...

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MaximusPrime3933d ago

best, well-prepared video and it is so true.

Time Lord3933d ago

I made this song, and uploaded it to youtube 1st. now he nicked it! WTF?! this song wasnt done over night!!

here it is.

Caxtus7503933d ago

well get onto Game Trailers and get it removed

marionz3933d ago

madden how about some mature NEWS posting next time

darkside3933d ago

you should grow up man, this song is good. we get all kinds of dumb news and sometimes not even news at all. So why not this?

marionz3933d ago

i am grown up thankyou, thats why i said some mature news from madden would be nice next time
the RROD is old and kinda lame yet fanboys like madden just cant let it go, it cracks me up really it does...but its not news

you think every dumb story should be approved? go read failed news then, sounds like that would be of more interest to you

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Chris_GTR13933d ago

the audio quality is a bid bad. when he talks fast sometimes i dunno what the f hes saying.

Maddens Raiders3933d ago

why there are subtitles. (?)

StormSoldier3933d ago

its funny tho put some work into that didnt u must of had all that time waiting for ur xbox to get back from the shop.

Mr PS33933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

But that should be the Christmas No1 Ha Ha that was funny what a piece of Sh!t the xbox is
And yeah check out the reports all the whining,moaning p1ssing xbots "oh dont approve this story" to all the xbums that did not want this approved and espesially you bloodmask

Maddens Raiders3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

The video was well prepared and actually sounded great. Hard to defend it and no real gamer wishes ill on another's console, but at this point it's just pure levity here in the forums. However some take it as a direct hit to their souls from God:

Lame: (20 minutes ago)
Don't keep changing reports. Keep it at "Fake", "Lame", or "Spam", or report ALL THREE.
If you want it remove quickly, report "Fake" -- which it is. See below.

Reported by: The Round Peg
Lame: (4 minutes ago) - new
Another lame attempt of Sony fanboys to flame Xbox.
If this one gets approved, I'll approve the other one, "Lack of Sony PS3 games makes me get my Xbox 360 out", which is obviously an attempt to flame as well, plus one more post to flame PS3.

Reported by: The Round Peg

Fake: (1 minute ago)
It's a homemade video -- a dime a dozen, not "official" as titled.
Reported by: The Round Peg

Lame: (2 minutes ago)
Another lame attempt of Sony fanboys to flame Xbox.
Reported by: The Round Peg

Lame: (23 minutes ago)
How is it Official?
Reported by: FordGTGuy

Duplicate Story: (23 minutes ago)
Reported by: ASSASSYN 36o

Lame: (31 minutes ago)
Reported by: Odion

Other: (43 minutes ago)
Reported by: The BS Police

Other: (44 minutes ago)
Reported by: bluebrad1974

============================= ========

Spiritual healing is a whole other matter.

marionz3933d ago

i dont take it personal, consoles are just plastic and metal...but you are a fanboy and you do post [email protected], sorry thats just fact
this shouldnt have been approved because it isnt news, and it isnt interesting

razer3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

And this rimjob posted it as if the 360 community would enjoy listening to this.. Madden you should of posted this to the PS3 side, they make up most of the comments and they seem to get the biggest kick out of it.

I do have a sense of humor, but you have to admit this RROD sh*t is getting old.

"However some take it as a direct hit to their souls from God"

Yes, this coming from the guy who wrote an essay to EA about he feels the PS3 is bring treated unfairly by EA(boohoo) and who spends his day here posting negative 360 news. You can't just enjoy your close minded Sony only world, but you have to actually attack a console you will never own.. I think you need to look at your own soul their buddy.

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The story is too old to be commented.