Cliffy B Reviews BioShock

"BioShock is hands down my game of the year. That's right, I said it." Epic Designer Cliffy B shared a few thoughts about the critically acclaimed shooter BioShock, which uses the Unreal Engine 3, on his personal website/blog The review may contain a few spoilers. More after the jump.

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jinn3928d ago

is Cliffy B on drugs, Halo 3 hasn't even come out yet and he says Bioshock is game of the year???????

MalcomGrasley3928d ago

Why the hell would anyone care what this clown has to say? He's like a significantly lamer version of John Romero.

N4GayFanturds3928d ago

A little biased-don't you think?

Next we'll have Kaz Harai giving his review for Lair: "A perfect 10 on a perfect machine. It beats Riiiiiiiiiiiidgggggggggggeeee Racerrrrrrr!"

Daxx3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

That picture of CliffyB reminde me of Sander Cohen saying in his poem: "I want to take the ears off... I WANT TO TAKE THE F*CKING EARS OFF!"


TheBigL053R3928d ago

Cohen was the creepiest out of all the 'crazies' for me.

Mad Artist = Scary Artist

RadientFlux3928d ago

little early to pick GOTY... I was surprised he picked Bioshock. I thought he would have chose Unreal Tournament 3

Lakuspakus3928d ago

Now would you kindly go and pre-order Unreal Tournament 3 already?

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The story is too old to be commented.