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Sam Fisher Vs. Solid Snake: Who Is The Bigger Badass?

MyArcadePlanet.Com presents the latest in pitting game characters against each other for the ultimate battle. We give you vitals, character info, and just about everything you need to know so that you may make an informed decision on who the bigger bad ass is. (Culture)

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monkey602  +   2991d ago
Come on Snake has always been the greater character.

Cant wait for MGS4. Will it be the end for Snake?...For some reason I think so!

EDIT: Wow only 4 votes, and a tie between Snake and Fisher I'm surprised.
It should be interesting to see how this turns out if it picks up.

EDIR: Assassyn is it because Snake is a Sony icon that you say this? I mean you already stated you would rather jeer the game than play it! Your example sucks by the way all it really shows is that MGS is original coming up with new ideas that other games dont have. If anything your precious Sam Fisher is a wannabe Snake. I can play many other games where I just hide in the shadows (I'm going to give Splinter Cell the benefit of the doubt because I havent played the newest one and it may not be just more of the same) but MGS has always ruled over Splinter Cell and as long as Snake lives and is guided by Kojima it always will.
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ASSASSYN 36o  +   2991d ago
Snake better? He litteraly grabs a statues balls and tackle to hide from stupid AI soilders and hes better? I rather ghost my opponents than experience that crap. SPLINTER CELL!
Staircase  +   2991d ago
If you truly like Fisher better than Snake, that's fine. But i see some people hate on snake just because he is on PS3. Seriously, MGS is revolutionary, and people should learn to respect what it has done for the stealth genre regardless of what system it is on.
grifter024  +   2991d ago
Hmm I dont know I think Sam and snake are both pretty good to me but I think the hat goes off to Sam not because its on 360 or ps3 but because hes more humanized in the story then snake. Hes lost his daughter hes on the run you feel sympathy for his suffering plus Michael is the perfect voice for him, Snake on the other hand does have some background but come on the story is a little hard to follow sorta like the RE storyline jumping back and forth.

By the way I love how you contradict yourself there monkey you say Snake is the best (Ps3 supporter no doubt) as "Long as hes alive" but before that you said you think he might die! So his reign is going to be over in the next game and that Sam is going to be the new top dog? I am only stating your statement on this matter dont get mad at me but yourself. Then you say hes a wannabe snake? Hmm both games dont look alike I mean MGs4 looks like one level in DA and thats kangikstan ( dont know correct spelling sorry) and then conviction looks totally different so I dont know where you got that hmm maybe chaos theory that got a higher score then any MGS title? but the bottom line is this Snake is a CLONE so his badassness is because hes a clone of someone else and not his own entity so ya Snake is automatically dq'd.
But all in all they are both good spy's in my opinion and the only 1 we should be arguing over is who decided to put Raiden in the MGS world?
monkey602  +   2991d ago
Thanks grifter I know exactly what I said and I in no way contradicted myself. Also I am not a Fanboy never have been (my past comments should prove it) This is just a case of me prefering MGS.
So let me explain, right now Snake is the king and why because Kojima made him. So I think that since Kojima is leaving he will take Snake with him. Therefore Snake will go down as the greatest. I also believe that without Kojima and Snake MGS will most likely suffer in the future. Then SC will have no chance to prove it's supperiority because MGS is NOTHING without Kojima. So comparing Splinter Cell to MGS in the future without Kojima or to an old MGS game will just not be valid.
Hatchetforce  +   2991d ago
No offense, but if you think Sam is more humanized then you haven't been playing the MGS series. His humanity is at teh very core of Snake's, and his father's actions.

To those that say Sam is more realistic get a grip. Such people obviously haven't been in the military, worked for the government, know anything about the workings of the intel community, operational methodologies of real agents, tactics, or bothered to take a class in history.

Both characters are equally fantastical and I like both for different reasons. They are actually more alike than people realize and such debates about who is better are the stuff of wasted web space.
JsonHenry  +   2991d ago
Snake always seemed kinda metro sexual to me whereas Sam seemed like a man's man.

Kinda like the difference between Keauno Reeves and Russel Crow. Both play deadly characters, but Russell seems more "manly" to me.
rubarb23  +   2991d ago
the metal gear series is way better than the splinter cell series. but if we compare spy vs spy, stealth vs stealth, bad ass vs bad ass, honestly i think sam pwns snake. just my opinion. I'm a huge fan of the metal gear series and i'm considering picking up a ps3 just to play MGS4, but i would still have to say that sam is the spy king. i think splinter cell is truely about stealth. whereas metal gear is more about action, story telling with stealth on the side.
fbetancourt  +   2991d ago
Well I don't think he can be any older and still be killing and being all stealthy like he is, so I am thinking this is the last one. Make sure you vote at the end of the article for your character too :)
Anal  +   2991d ago
But sam is the cooler one..
cloud360  +   2991d ago
Snake and snake is cooler wan. oh i understand you must be drunk
cloud360  +   2991d ago
U hav to be an adult they like lame stuff

I didnt even know who simon fisher was until now......
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Vip3r  +   2991d ago
This could end up becoming a "which has the better exclusive" war, Playstation 3 with MGS4 or Xbox 360 with Splinter Cell: Conviction? And so will no doubt spark another flamewar.
monkey602  +   2991d ago
The MGS Vs SC argument started some time ago and for it to heat up next year is expected really.
Dr Pepper  +   2991d ago

Sam Fisher has spent time in prison (then later felt he didn't like it anymore so he escaped with ease), joined a terrorist organization and brought it down by himself and is now a fugitive. That is an extreme badass.

Snake should be sent to prison for inappropriately touching statues in public and inappropriate acts towards the soldiers he captures (aka humping them on the ground)...

Just a little joke don't freak out people. I bet someone will take serious offense to what I said about their hero Snake.
fenderputty  +   2991d ago
Look dude
... snakes just secure with his manliness. He knows he's the man, humping a floor or not ;)
monkey602  +   2991d ago
Due to your avatar I'm not surprised in the least about your favourite of the two. But Snake is my choice.

EDIT: I'm sorry according to some idiot I dont prefer Snake, Funny I never knew that until now. If someone disagrees they should have the stones to tell a person why. The disagree function on this site has lost all meaning, just look at the piece on Colin McRae for example (not that you need one)
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HeavyweightInTheGame  +   2991d ago
I like both characters but that was just some funny stuff right there. LMAO.
socomnick  +   2991d ago
lol that was funny I noticed that too guys why does hideo kojima do such gay things in his game. I remember mgs 3 the main bad guy touched the guy who looked like raiden in his privates lol now that I think about it the name of the game was snake eater Hmmmmmmm. lol but no seriously why all the gayness in metal gear solid games.
Dr Pepper  +   2991d ago
@ monkey602

Yeah, my avatar tends to give me away...
I respect the MGS series, I just prefer SC.

@ fenderputty
monkey602  +   2991d ago
HAha good one Socomnick I never picked up on the Snake Eater thing

@Dr Pepper: Im the same just the opposite (it makes sense to me ) ;)
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fenderputty  +   2991d ago
Seriously ...
I like snake better. I just think this article is lame and a little humor is better then some virtual baddass pissing contest.
Chris_GTR1  +   2991d ago
@ socomnick
@ socomnick ......LMFAO!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA five star post right there
beavis4play  +   2991d ago
dr. pepper, when you say sam didn't like "it" anymore,
are you talking about the late-night manlove sessions he was having on a regular basis? you know how men like that sort of thing when they are in prison. anyways, even old snake would cqc sams @ss in 30 seconds.
Hatchetforce  +   2991d ago
Snake had the entire free world looking for him, not just the US government. He was framed by The Patriots and so he had everyone from INTERPOL on down looking to take him out. He wasn't considered a member of a terrorist organization but rather a one man terrorist organization.
Dr Pepper  +   2991d ago
@ beavis4play

I was actually referring to life in prison in general. It was just a little joke, and also he wasn't sharing a cell with anyone so your comment doesn't really make sense.
InMyOpinion  +   2991d ago
In MGS4, Snake is old and wearing kinky g-string underwear. He's more gay than ever. Gay as in happy...to wear g-strings.
jackdoe  +   2991d ago
Snake is the bigger badass. After all, he killed almost all of his family, put his best friend into a state near death, and has a freaking biological weapon running through his veins. Oh and he also destroys giant freaking robots while hitting on every woman he talks too.
Liquid Ocelot  +   2991d ago
While i like them both
i would have to say Snake
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bluebrad1974  +   2991d ago
I don't know about badass
But I know Snake gets the "Biggest Pervert Award"
HeartlesskizZ  +   2991d ago
Snake with no doubt is the B.A. and Sam is also a cool character but not as cool as snake. I mean just the name Snake is cool(fish is not cool)

Both equal...10%-7votes

The score speaks for it self
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fbetancourt  +   2991d ago
By name alone, Snake is much more bad ass than Sam.
WilliamRLBaker  +   2991d ago
lets see
Lets see, Sam is voiced by Micheal Ironside...Instantely making him the better character...

Snake...voiced by a voice i've never heard of.

Sam appears in games where the ideal is stealth and nothing but, geting caught gets you killed, its hard.

Snake? you can use stealth and pretty much get through the game easily with only stealth, or you can kill every one easily.....
As well get caught and just hide in a duct and 3 seconds later you can leave...Where as it takes much longer to get the enemy in sams games to stop looking for your ass, and even if you do they are still on a high sense of alert forever afterwards.

Lets see, Sams in a game that in the first 3 iterations had better graphics, sound, and gameplay then the first 3 versions of Snakes game.

...hmm yep my choice is sam...
Staircase  +   2991d ago
I absolutely disagree. Sam fisher is a badass, and Splinter Cell is an amazing game, but nothing can compare to Solid Snake and Metal Gear Solid. The game has the perfect blend of stealth, action, puzzles, great humor, and story. Plus, Solid Snake is a legend. He invented, and defines the stealth genre.
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reaferfore20  +   2991d ago
You ever play a MGS game on the hardest difficulty? It's not so easy to kill and get away from people you've alerted. I played SC for about 30 mins and took it back. It was definatly difficult, but I just didn't like the way it played. And the voice actors? I think who ever does Snake's sounds more badass. That's just me though. So, my vote goes to Snake. I think we should have another one for the gayest, I'm sure Raiden would win that sh!t hands down.
fenderputty  +   2991d ago
But does Sam
smoke cigarettes and look at dirty mags when he's not feeling so well? That already makes him a bigger bad-ass, and explains his rather aged look.
monkey602  +   2991d ago
"Lets see, Sams in a game that in the first 3 iterations had better graphics, sound, and gameplay then the first 3 versions of Snakes game."
Are you serious? I mean Really? Graphics? Sound? Gameplay thats a matter of opinion but graphics and sound you gotta be taking the p!$$.
Azures  +   2991d ago
You mean the first two games which were on original Nintendo and both got excellent reviews? And the third which was regarded as one of the most impressive and brilliant games of all time? Yea, good work xbot.
TylerDurden  +   2991d ago
Wasn't the Boss the world's greatest soldier?
And Snake beat her. He also helped invent CQC which all forms of hand to hand combat are based off. The nod goes to Snake.

BTW SC is a better stealth game. However MGS is better because of better story, interesting bosses, and cool boss fights.
Mu5afir  +   2991d ago
SC is not the better stealth game, unless you have been playing MGS on easy.
devilsadvocate  +   2991d ago
sam is trying to be snake - snake wins
Jdash24  +   2991d ago

any man that can walk up to any statue and grab there junk or hump the floor without so much as a howdy do is ace in my books
HeartlesskizZ  +   2991d ago
By the way, Stop hoping Snake dont die in MGS4.... Hideo created that character so pretty much both Hideo and Snake are off for now.

Even heroes needs a brake.
monkey602  +   2991d ago
I hope Snake does get a heroes send off, He deserves it, and that way he wont be butchered in future games when Hideo Kojima leaves.
HeartlesskizZ  +   2991d ago
Yep, I mean if I created Snake and quit Ill sure wont let others take it for future projects. But if they show some recaps on future MGS about how Snake saved the world and such then I dont mind.

I cant wait for MGO...
Xwow  +   2991d ago
sam is good
but nowhere the level of snake.
solid snake forever :D
midgetsanx  +   2991d ago
Snake carries a rocket launcher.
Contest Over. :]
Mu5afir  +   2991d ago
Terrible poll...
Arguing if Snake is the bigger badder badass is just obscured. You can't even put these guys under the same category. Snake is a legend to gaming, it's not even worth arguing.
Xwow  +   2991d ago
you are right @Mu5afir
sam is a strong person.
but solid snake is LEGANDRY.
Xi  +   2991d ago
"Pick a number between 1 and 10". When the guard guesses, Fisher says: "Huh. Lucky guess. You get to live. Now tell me something useful or we'll play another round".

nothing is more badass. period.

Snake is like superman, he can do anything, it makes him lame. Fisher is like V, dark but very very good at what he does, but most importantly he's still mortal.
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beavis4play  +   2991d ago
let me get this straight
sam playing the "pick a number between 1 and 10 game" is part of what makes him a badass? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ha......maybe in the next splinter cell sam will use "rock paper scissors" on his enemy. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah ahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahaha hahahahahahaha....
Dr Pepper  +   2991d ago
I wish Fisher had been included in the next SSB game. We could then have the epic fight of Snake and Sam that we've all been waiting for.
Barreldragon00  +   2991d ago
I agree with that that would have been pretty bad ass.
beavis4play  +   2991d ago
it would have appeared bad ass on paper......until snake broke sams neck.
Says you  +   2991d ago
If snake can destroy robots and fish can bring down terrorist
Which Snake can do also considering its easier for him to do that but rather does important mission like killing other countries and continent problems while fish just does the smaller stuff like killing terriorst I would go with Snake.
demolitionX  +   2991d ago
MGS for life
Sam Fisher 17% (27 votes)
Solid Snake 77% (120 votes)
They are both equally badass 6% (9 votes)
Total Votes: 156
hardmetal  +   2991d ago
Snake is an instructor in a collage while Fisher is a lazy 7 years old boy.
green_ghost5  +   2991d ago
sam fischer, nuff said.
nurayi  +   2991d ago
his fan's cant even spell his name correctly. "nuff said" indeed.
Greysturm  +   2991d ago
Well snake for me...
First he opposes superhuman and genetically enhanced soldiers while Sam just faces run of the mill terorists and guerrilla´s.

Second Snake alone can take all types of military hardware from tanks to Helicopters to Giant bipedal robots while sam only faces automatic machine guns.

Snake is confident about his sexuality hitting on women while on the job and using fighting maneuvers that sexually unsecure men would consider homosexual while sams only proof of not being asexual is that he had a daughter although most people believe she is adopted.

When spotted snake takes out whole search and destroy teams equipped with highly advanced equipment in endless numbers. Sam on the otherside just fight the crappy guerrilla or terrorists that were in the room with him or near him.

Snake acomplishments has had him solo infiltrate military nations and destroy them singlehandedly along with terrorist groups and revolting us bases. Sam greatest acomplishment has been stopping guerrilas and 1 terrorist organization.

Snake can take out gaming legends (ssb) while sam can just kill unknown guys.

Snake has been tortured, while sams resistance to pain is not tested.

Final Badass superiority snake can actually fight his enemies without stealth and survive while if sam leaves the shadow he inmediatly goes down.
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Dr Pepper  +   2991d ago

"Snake is confident about his sexuality hitting on women while on the job and using fighting maneuvers that sexually unsecure men would consider homosexual while sams only proof of not being asexual is that he had a daughter although most people believe she is adopted."

You must not have played SC DA.

And your argument just supports the other argument that one game's focus is a more realistic approach (SC) and the other game's focus isn't (MGS).

Edit: The reason I made the realism comment is because of the comments in your list. It's kind of hard for Fisher to take on "superhuman and genetically enhanced soldiers" when they aren't real...
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Greysturm  +   2991d ago
This is about badasses...
not realism.

I havent played sc:da yet people say its the best one of the franchise but i couldnt shake the feeling when i rented it that it was gonna be the same as the previous titles. I might try to pass it again if conviction is worth it.

I have always admited SC is more real but for me and the majority of gamers MGS presents a higher fun, gameplay factor and better storyline that more than makes up for it.

EDIT: Well thats sams minus for being a realistic videogame character just as snake minus for being an unrealistic game character is that realism enthusiasts say he is not that badass.
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Spike47  +   2991d ago
wtf is this?

snake vs. sam? are u kidding me?

it should be snake vs. master cheif.

that's like saying splinter cell or mgs4. And mgs4 compeltetly pwns splinter cell.
beavis4play  +   2991d ago
no, it HAS to be sam. master chief wouldn't stand a chance.
HeartlesskizZ  +   2991d ago
Sam needs to digg a hole to scape from prison Wile Snake can open the cell with his Radio Frequency =)...

Snakes Smokes Sam is healthy...

Snake is a Cannibal(eat anything that moves) Sam is probly vegetarian.

Snake can see dead people Sam dont...

And for the Final Snake is into Porn(pervert) Sam not.
_insane_cobra  +   2991d ago
I prefer Splinter Cell to MGS, but there's really no contest, Snake is more badass.
FirstknighT  +   2991d ago
Have you seen the latest MGS gameplay videos??? He's wearing a damn thong! Yeah he's a bad ass if he was in a gay bar.
Staircase  +   2991d ago
Huh? A thong? What gameplay video was that? o.0?
Skerj  +   2991d ago
Ugh I can't believe there's a question.
Man it's so totally Snake it's ridiculous who still questions this? He's a deeper character than the standard "OMG insert generic Tom Clancy guy here" Sam Fisher. He's had to fight and/or kill his dad, his psycho brothers, various supernatural badasses, and hundreds of soldiers from assorted factions.

You see Sammy boy take down a ninja? NOPE!! Oh yeah and Snake has a mullet and that alone makes everything epic win for him. I could enter in the MGS4 stuff but I don't have to Snake knows he won for sure.
jay3  +   2991d ago
Fishers more badass, Snakes more Hitman-style. Which is a totally different kind of badass, but still badass nonetheless.
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