Trion World Confident It Can Challenge World of Warcraft

Free-to-play games have become an ever increasing trend in the MMO industry, with titles like Lord of the Rings Online and Champions Online shifting away from the subscription-based format. However, Trion World's SVP of Publishing David Reid thinks there's still a lot of potential in the pay-to-play format. Trion's new marketing slogan for the MMO Rift is "You're not in Azeroth anymore," and the company believes it has enough to challenge World of Warcraft in the subscription business.

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donniebaseball2892d ago

Trion is apparently very foolish.

Chris3992892d ago

the game is basically a WoW clone - a good one - prettier and with a more versatile class system. Pair that up with the current, disgruntled WoW casual community and they'll definitely siphon off some subs.

I have no interest in Rift or WoW, but I think that this game will do well and definitely capture a portion of WoW's user base.

Baka-akaB2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

doesnt work like that .

They go when bored , then ultimately come back .

To actually shake WoW a bit , it would actually need to be a fantasy game with a completely different , yet polished and good , gameplay .

people dont leave for "more of the same" , not when they have years of investments , loots and accomplishements

Chris3992891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

I don't care for Rift at all, but having been in four betas, I'm telling you this is precisely the sort of game that would appeal to a WoW fan.

People need to stop comparing it to the Aion/ AoC/ WAR exodus>return. Those games were broken out of the gate in so many ways. Rift is really, really polished. It has no appeal for me, as I'm not into WoW, but I can see this taking a portion of Blizzards subs. Also worth noting is that just because you have years of investment and a roster of toons, doesn't mean that you LIKE the game. It's just as possible that having seen/ played more of it than most, you've closer to burnout than people who invest less.

Their (Trion) most recent commercial's tagline is :"You're not in Azerother anymore" as a tagline. Commercially, they're aiming directly for WoW's market. And seeing as how well they've cloned the game (which is just an EQ clone anyhow), they'll probably do alright for themselves.

You're also over-estimating the tastes of the average WoW consumer. They don't want different, that's why Aion failed. They WANT more of the same. So if Rift gives that to them, with shiny new graphics and all, I can guarantee that a handful or more will take the plunge.

I don't see any ONE game toppling WoW really. I think it will be a natural process of other, AAA, newer games taking a chunk here and there. DCUO seems to be off to a good start. Star Wars and Bioware will definitely find an audience. Guild Wars 2 will recapture it's original fanbase and then some. TERA might be too Eastern, but we'll see.

Kran2892d ago

I am confident it can't.

Ps_alm3k2892d ago

it will steal some over.

donniebaseball2892d ago

It might actually steal some over at first, but it won't last more than a few months. This actually happened with Warhammer and with Conan, but those players then returned to WoW.

Chris3992891d ago

That's why the subscribers left.

Darkfiber2892d ago

I've played it. It can't.

I had high hopes for this game but after beta, it's evident that this is nothing new or original. They keep saying it's the "next gen MMO" but it's the same thing we've been playing for 10 years.

ExPresident2892d ago

The problem these companies face is that people have YEARS tied up into WoW, their accounts, their friends, their guilds etc. People may leave to try something new but that ever present thought of "but I already have so much wrapped up in this" always returns and I think that makes a lot of people return to WoW.

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