In Defense of Hackers

BranchedOut at Gamers By Nature writes: "Team Fail0verFlow and Geohot have certainly made a splash in the PS3 world this past week. “Master keys” have been found and leaked, custom firmware has been deployed, and homebrew has been enabled. And as such, piracy of games is also becoming possible. The once “great and unhackable” PS3 has been reduced defenseless as of right now, or so they say. But, that’s not what I’m here to talk about. You could google “PS3 hack” and get all the juicy info you want."

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Godmars2902890d ago

There is no defense, just an example for, "Just because you can do it, doesn't mean that you should." Sony offered a platform for modders to work in with other OS, which was promptly exploited to try and copy and pirate games. Sony removed it and modder took that as excuse to fully crack the PS3.

Proxy2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Hackers are interested in improving software and hardware. Thus when OtherOS denied access to the GPU and SPU none of the true power of the PS3 was accessible. They tried to surpass these limitations, and OtherOS was taken away. OtherOS was never the "place to go for freedom" as some make it out to be, it was still very limited; basically a single core core processor and a little bit of memory barely sufficient to run the smallest operating systems.

Then Sony took away the OtherOS.

Hackers still wanted to use their hardware their way, so they kept working. I don't see any problem with it, what they were doing might be considered legal by a judge (which is the only person who's legal opinion matters, so no sense debating it here). We may never have the opinion of a judge, this may still be settled out of court, but if the lawsuit goes forward then I guess we'll finally know if what they've done is legal or not.

I appreciate having full access to my own hardware though, and as a programmer/hacker myself, I appreciate being able to run my own software without buying permission from Sony. I don't pirate games, in my opinion any "hacker" should know better.

Godmars2902890d ago

Again, hackers were denied full access to the GPU and SPU because of fears of piracy. Sony openly stated this and hackers openly disregarded and disrespected Sony's wishes. This is why other OS was removed.

If hackers had done something other than attempt to crack the system for piracy, use it for emulation of older games, there wouldn't be a problem. If people like Geohot had approached the opportunity like hobbyist instead of thieves, make a more reliable browser or XMB functions, they'd probably be getting cheered by Sony. Not sued.

They sure as hell wouldn't be generating the polarized opinions towards then that they do now.

nycredude2890d ago


So you are telling me that hackers have more skills and resource to fully take advantage of the cell and GPU in the Ps3. Bullshit. Do you honestly think they will be taking advantage of the hardware. Give me a fucking break!

You will not get anything worth the trouble trust me on this. Nothing will come of this except piracy.

Proxy2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Don't underestimate a single hacker. I know a hacker who was approached by a company who wanted something done (I'll keep the nature of this confidential, since it's lucrative and legal; a gold mine), but the cheapest solution cost $250,000 and then $50,000 a year afterwards forever. Well this hacker was approached by the company and he was able to duplicate this $250,000 software using some open source tools and a few custom scripts. It was kind of a mess, but it was very reliable and flexible. (By "duplicate" I mean he wrote a program from scratch that does the same thing; he didn't break copyright, steal, pirate, or copy the expensive program. In fact, he never even saw the expensive program, but was only told about it.)

I know of several indie-games more time consuming and enjoyable than any PS3 game. Granted they don't have flashy graphics and so are unnoticed by many here.

And here we have Sony's acclaimed system security reduced to seemingly nothing. Don't underestimate them, there may yet be some great games coming from the hacker community.

The hackers want to accomplish things, but Sony wont let them do anything. Godmars talks of improving the browser or adding functionality, but the hackers can't do this without first getting the system key to run custom firmware (CFW) and software. The real hackers have little interest in piracy, as they probably don't play many games. You don't obtain the skills to compete with multi-million dollar companies by playing video games.

Also, has anyone read my above link which explains what a "hacker" really is?

Moentjers2890d ago

hackers are the ones disabling the locks and letting the thieves in. They are no better than ordinary thieves.

Proxy2890d ago

It's just like a hacker disabled the lock and let me in my own house.

The hardware now does what the hardware owner tells it to do rather than what Sony tells it to do, that's all there is too it.

dragon822890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Actually its like a safe cracker broke into a bank vault just to see if he could and then gave away the keys to everyone who wanted them. Then when the vault comes up empty the safe cracker tries to escape blame by saying he didn't steal anything himself.

The same thing applies to these hackers doing it for the so called "greater good".

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Shackdaddy8362890d ago

There are some good hackers out there but very few.

Kran2890d ago

trust me. There are more hackers in the world than you know. Believe it or not, but there are millions of hackers. They aint just gaming hackers. Im on about hackers in all sorts of thing.

Shackdaddy8362890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

I cant tell what your disagreeing about but there are a ton of bad hackers outside gaming too. The pentagon gets attacked by them everyday. But there are also good ones.

One incident was the virus that messed up Iran's nuclear production. A virus was sent out to every computer that had windows 7. It was harmless to everyone and had a sole purpose of finding a piece of machinery that helped develop nuclear weapons. Eventually this virus reached Iran's manufacturing plant and secretly wore out the machinery until it broke. Forgot what it was called but it was a very powerful program and noone knows who made it.

So ya. I stand by my previous comment.

Kran2890d ago

@Shackdaddy836 You kinda needed to be clearer with your comment. You said there are some good hackers out there but very few.

There are more "good" hackers than you realise.

Biggest2890d ago

There are still few good hackers in comparison to bad hackers. Nothing left to clarify.

bananlol2890d ago

Why only target irans nukes? I wish there would be someone who wrote a program that launched all the worlds nukes and blew them up in space. Good riddance id say.

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HeavenlySnipes2890d ago

but in the end when they release their custom firmwares its going to end up having people use it to cheat and pirate games. Hey can't pretend that they are doing this as a home project if they are making everything public for other people to find ways to abuse the system.

wwm0nkey2890d ago

Piracy kills it all. I have the CFW installed to play emulators with games I already own and to try out a few new homebrew games as well. I use my PS3 primarily as my Single Player system and I will always buy my games for it, people need to support developers or you wont be playing another game from them after awhile.

bananlol2890d ago

Well i would love to back up the games i play the most, my old ps3s blueray drive makes wierd noises. I want my new slim to to work for 10 years just like my dreamcast.

wwm0nkey2890d ago

Well backing up is 100% legal but again people will sadly abuse that system :(

bananlol2890d ago

If the ps3 could do it like the 360 does then it wouldnt be a problem. People nag for xgc but there are 3 fundamental things that any mediacenter should be able to do but the ps3 cant. 1:NTFS(EXT) 2:MKW 3:SRT/SUB. Whats the big problem, none of these are in game operations, souldnt be so hard to fix. If some hacker adds this i will go cfw, because sony had 4 years to do it but they spent probably 10 times the amout of money this would require on some useless photo app.

Christopher2890d ago

Doesn't matter.

The people who developed the atomic bomb weren't bad either, but look how that turned out?

What I'm trying to say is that as a hacker, when you bypass security features and show others how to do it, you're opening the door to those other people to use it how they want. You are knowingly giving knowledge to people that don't have the same principles as a 'good' hacker.

And this isn't an unknown here. How many electronic devices (phones, consoles, handhelds, etc.) have knowingly been hacked with good intentions but ended up being used by the masses for piracy?

If you find the keys to the kingdom, you don't make copies of it and hand it out blindly. You keep it close and only give it to those you trust implicitly.

Hackers don't understand this concept.

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