Bulletstorm demo arrives on January 25

Electronic Arts today announced that a demonstration of his blistering Bulletstorm its way to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

At the level in question will embody the skin Grayson Hunt, where you have to go through the ruined building and achieve the best possible score.

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VersusEM2896d ago

I'm excited as well, I've been looking at this game for a while. The Burnout of shooters-will see.

chriski3332896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Now all I want to know is should I get it for the PS3 or 360 help me out guys?

AND I DO HAVE BOTH 360 AND PS3 and will be getting killzone 3

DoomeDx2896d ago

because if you had a PS3, you would buy Killzone 3. not this

plenty a tool2896d ago

wesley-dw...please just go away! why does n4g attract the worlds worst fanboys??

people like me will just buy both!!! along with homefront, resistance3, socom, gears3 and all the other great shooters coming this year.

MidnytRain2896d ago

Killzone is an awesome series, one of the best FPSs I've played, but assuming everyone who owns a PS3 is looking forward to it, or even liked KZ2 is close-minded. No single video game is loved by everyone.

Biggest2896d ago

This had better be a good demo. If it isn't, lots of people will be spending $60 instead of $120 on that day.

creatchee2896d ago

If you preorder the Epic edition on Amazon, you get it at the regular version price. The Epic edition has access to the Gears 3 beta. If that means anything to you, go that route.

Otherwise go with the console that you have more friends getting the game on, because the co-op looks great.

If that doesn't matter, get the one that has the controller you like better. As far as I know, the games are supposed to be identical looking across the platforms.

badz1492896d ago

if you want the best version, than epic edition on 360 take the cake with Gears3 beta access! if normal version, I think any version will do just fine!

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Inside_out2896d ago

This is fantastic news...can't wait to check it the meantime...

Gotta love that Tanya Jessen...

Mandaspt2896d ago

Lets see if we have a good game.

blackburn52896d ago

I hope it's a lengthy one. I need to judge this one very carefully. Too many games thks year to risk having buyer's remorse for a title.

r1sh122896d ago

completely agree...I mean 2010 was a bad year for gaming.
call of duty has lost it since MW2 - other games were terrible, even with an outcry black ops did not get a demo/beta..Seriously, You would think that many devs would look at the situation and think a demo might help us.

hassi942896d ago

'Since MW2' 'other games were terrible'

The only other CoD game since MW2 was Black Ops, not plural.

And plus, WaW was crap, MW2 was quite average, Black Ops is decent. They haven't been great since CoD4.

pedrami912896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

We seriously need more demos.

Im really hoping for a KZ3 and a Infamous 2 demo.

Joni-Ice2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

I played the Demo/Beta for Killzone 3 and man that game is AWESOME. So awesome I bought the Helghast Edition at $129.00 and I never buy collector edition for that much. I have Killzone 1 and 2. For all those who Hated Killzone 2 controls will love it now, however not sure if all the people who Loved KZ2 control will still do in KZ3.

jdktech20102896d ago

What does that have to do with a Bulletstorm demo? I didn't see KZ3 mentioned anywhere in the article or topic

Joni-Ice2896d ago

@ jdktech I was responding pedrami91. WTF!

jdktech20102896d ago

sorry autopilot...if it's not a reply (indented under other one, I tend to ignore other posts for some reason

My apologies

plenty a tool2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

i really liked kz2 controls..and 95% of the time i fired from the hip, and kicked-arse!! man i can wait for kz3! and hearing you say that the controls are improved, yet still retain the same kz2 feel makes me smile in a big way

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