Subliminal homophobic messages in Super Mario Galaxy boxart?

Spotted by several eagle-eyed GameFAQers, the boxart for upcoming title Super Mario Galaxy appears to be a little more sinister than its childish overtones.

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Feihc Retsam3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

This line from the writer of the article

"After all, as simple as Pac-Man was, you have to wonder if a game based on playing in a darkened room munching pills, running from ghosts and listening to repetitive music..."

This is ripped directly from a T-shirt I saw about 10 years ago in a Spencer's gifts. So don't think this guy is as clever or witty as he may think he is. He's a plagarist!

Here's a link to one site selling the shirt. And a picture attached.

JsonHenry3719d ago

I am a total Homophobe. Or should I say a homohater. There is a reason I love Mario (in a strictly platonic sense mind you) and this is why! We share the same hate values! lol

Seriously, this sort of stuff is good for the game. Free Press!!!

commadore653719d ago

However has also been attributed to many other people like some Nintendo CEO, and even Bill Gates.

to be honest it sounds like a stand up joke and not some off the cuff quip by a business man in an interview, and he's a good comedian.


pwnsause3720d ago

who ever reads this is a small brain.

HateBoy3720d ago

Way d go calling urself a small brain...
Its funny, not only that, its really really funny. Seriously doubt its on purpose tho, that would just be too stupid.

HeavyweightInTheGame3720d ago

But damn! Those have to be pretty small odds for the exact letters to spell that out. Anyways I think it's kinda funny.

jkoz3720d ago

Stupidest story I've ever read. HOW did this make it onto the site again? Lame.

jackdoe3720d ago

Lol. This is funny as hell. If it was done on purpose, then I guess the guy who designed the cover was just having a bit of fun.