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Bodycount is an upcoming first-person shooter with a unique gameplay design that allows you to let loose and play your way. Check out BrightHub's full Bodycount preview for details on the upcoming title.

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MatthewMk22892d ago

Bodycount and Bulletstorm, I can not wait for these two games. As awesome as Bad Company 2 and CoD 4 are, I'm really getting sick of "realistic" Military FPS's.

mightyboot2891d ago

You better put your eyes on Duke Nukem Forever and Deus Ex Human Revolution cause those two are way more original and probably better (let´s hope).

Etseix2891d ago

^^^ yeah DUKE NUKEM haha

Spydiggity2891d ago

i can't believe you put duke nukem in the same category as deus ex.

deus ex will be a goty contender. duke nukem will be in bargain bins within 3 months of launch. a game everyone was more than over for a decade finally coming out and turns out to be a run-of-the-mill shooter with the same old tired 90s FPS system. not a single original thing about it.

remember this post

PrimordialSoupBase2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

This game has been shedding key members of its team throughout its entire development cycle. Things aren't looking so hot for it. I'd love a real Criterion sequel to Black.

NRG2891d ago

"While Stuart Black may have left Guildford since the game was announced..."

All hope was lost with this sentence ):

Hazmat132891d ago

game looks badass the only games (besides COD4) that has a G36K I LOVE THE G36!!! oh and Mirrors edge.