Mass Effect will give you a severe case of 'The Itch'

The Toronto Star: "After test-driving hotly anticipated game, we find its release date can't come soon enough; The upcoming video game 'Mass Effect' features space opera sci-fi in the tradition of Isaac Asimov."

"Role-playing games mainly involve two things: talking and killing... On the talking side, Mass Effect has the most cinematic polish I can recall in a game... the killing itself isn't quite as groundbreaking, but it's still tight and fun."

"Quit back to the menu... and I'm left with 1) an impression of a rock-solid BioWare-standard game, an epic RPG superbly designed, written, art-directed and realized, promising hours of space-hero adventure; and 2) a case of The Itch so bad I'll spend the next two months using Gold Bond cream and hand moisturizer."

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Xi3742d ago

and that includes Killzone 2. This game will be amazing.

HeavyweightInTheGame3742d ago

This game is definetely looking very nice.

Dr Pepper3742d ago

My #1 title in 07 (that I'm looking forward to). I can't wait to explore a galaxy.


GOTY BABY ! Take some lessons BluRay, 50+ hours of gameplay on DVD9 !!!

Best graphics ever seen on a console video game !!!


power of Green 3742d ago

This is the Mass Effect the world will see when it releases.

ShiftyLookingCow3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

agreed it looks awesome for a space exploring RPG and I cant wait either. I am on the sixth chapter in Revelation, its got a good story for a game.

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