Crytek: James Cameron Loves Crysis 2

Developer reveals Hollywood legend has seen upcoming sequel in 3D; claims Crysis 2 is 3D “benchmark”.

Crytek has revealed that James Cameron saw Crysis 2 running in 3D – and was a big fan.

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Shackdaddy8362891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

I'm pretty excited about this game too. I like the story.

Unfortunately I wont be able to experience it in 3d though.

M4I0N32891d ago

i just wish james cameron got crytek to make The Avatar: The Videogame instead of ubisoft (pricks).

dkgshiz2891d ago

We never needed a Avatar game in the first place. Everyone knew it was going to be crappy. Yet for whatever reason Ubisoft decided to have that E3 conference with James Cameron talking about how it wasn't going to be crappy. That speech seriously went on for like 30 min! Put me to sleep.

the_1080p_guy2891d ago

@M4I0N3, Did u even play the game?Its not crappy at all,just a bit short and has some minor screen-tearing problem, thats all.

Crytek could do better though...i agree on that

M4I0N32891d ago

I wanted to see what it would look like on the cryengine 2. I was turned away by Avatar the game cos of the amount of jaggies in every frame.

FinalSpartan2891d ago

3D must be the best on this game, with this hype, Unfortunately i won't able to witness it either!

DERKADER2891d ago

James Cameron also loved Avatar The Game.

theonlylolking2891d ago

He loved it because it got him easy G aka gamerscore.

the_1080p_guy2891d ago

Avatar has some really hard trophies,no kidding

Elven62891d ago

You're thinking of the Avatar: The Last Airbender game.

Crazyglues2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Yeah but does he love it in the sense that he would love to do Crysis the Movie.... -if so, then now your talking..

to me Skyline was kind of the Crysis-Movie but with out the nano-suit...just check this clip -

so if they where to do a movie it would probably be pretty cool... especially if you get James Cameron on board..

it might make a good movie... between this and halo those are the only two game-movies I would like to see... -just because there is a good chance that those two titles would make a good movie..


Dlacy13g2891d ago

I really hope this game surprises us all... would like to see a newer IP shooter make a splash. COD, Halo, Battlefield, Modern Combat (see Medal of Honor) and to a lesser extent Killzone all feel like that been there done that... I think Crysis 2 has a chance to do something good for the genre..

Then again... it does wreak of some of the same old trappings of other shooters... bunny hop, grenade spam....shoot.

Maybe our best hope will be Brink?

Darkfiber2891d ago

The first Crysis made quite a big splash, if even just for its graphics. I'm a little disappointed this is taking place in a city as I loved the jungle setting but it should still prove to be cool. Doesn't seem to look much better than the first (if at all) but it seems to run smoother.

The best thing about the gameplay in Crysis is that it's a sandbox for the most part. The story is still linear, but the "battle zones" or whatever you want to call them, are big and open and you are able to approach a fight in any way you want. The suit powers also give you some appropriate tools to play with in the sandbox. This is a huge difference from typical shooters like the ones you mentioned, as those are all linear straightforward shooters with very little room for experimentation. Everyone comparing graphics to Crysis 2 has to keep this in mind. It is essentially an open sandbox shooter and still looks better than linear shooters.

Shackdaddy8362891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Brink will be really good and new.

Based on my experience of Crysis 1 and what I have heard about Crysis 2, I think it will be a pretty unique fps. You cant really compare it to any other game out there (maybe farcry but that is still different in many ways).

@Dark - It might be fun that they arent in a jungle though, from the pictures and videos, they kinda made a jungle experience in the city. They put in a lot of creative details into the environment. They can do a jungle next game but I really want to try out Crytek's destroyed city right now.

P.S. With their new map maker where you can upload new maps to consoles, you can probably make your own/upload jungle maps. If its like the old one, then you can kind of make SP maps as well.

chak_2891d ago

The bigger you try to make it be, the lesser I trust you crytek.

Just show us some open places gameplay and not a succession of crappy scripts.... Then we might talk.

i don't give a rat ass about cameron's opinion, only the game matter.


Shackdaddy8362891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Here you go

Note that this was in june so its going to be a lot more polished. Some of the AI in the video looks messed up and Im sure they fixed it by now.

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