GamePro: Dungeon Siege III Preview

Obsidian Studios sets a markedly different tone with the opening of Dungeon Siege III than the one Gas Powered Games established in the first two installments of its action-RPG. In Dungeon Siege II, you start as a warrior pressed into duty for the dark warlord Valdis as he assaults the dyrads, fighting a host of sylvan creatures. In Dungeon Siege III, your character has a tangible past, a deeper connection to the story than just “kill the big bad” objective of the previous game.

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Dlacy13g2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

I am sooo pumped for this game. I really hope it delivers! I loved the first....then got into console gaming and hoped someday this series would make the jump.

edit: gamepro site seems to be having issues loading the preview.

kancerkid2891d ago

Since it is by Obsidian, I hope they use Gamebryo!

plb2891d ago

Played the first on PC and loved it

despair2891d ago

yup the first was great, the second not as good but still solid, can't wait to see what this one offers.

Perjoss2891d ago

I think this is the first Dungeon Siege to make it onto consoles, the first 2 had simple enough controls so this might play quite nice with a pad.

MidnytRain2891d ago

Is it just me, or does the link just take you to the home page? I don't even see the Dungeon Siege III preview.

mobijoker2891d ago

Obsidian! I am coming as always.Just make the game less buggy.

Silver_Faux2891d ago

if your reffering to fallout new vegas as their buggy game, cut them some slack. they were using Bethesdas buggy engine. they're using their own engine in this one and wow does it look pretty

tda-danny2891d ago

all of Obsidian's games are buggy on release: FO:NV, Alpha Protocol, NWN2 in recent memory

mobijoker2891d ago

I don't mind bugs in obsidian's games bcoz they takes risks in their games while most devs just uses ageold formulas with some graphical tweaks.I played evry single obsidian games.Yes!they all are buggy but they are day 1 buys also.

SquareEnixFan2891d ago

As a fan of Obsidian's prior work I am very excited to see how this game turns out. So far it seems pretty awesome.