The Top Ten Most Iconic Video Game Sound Effects Of All Time

We'd describe them to you, but that... wouldn't work very well. But you can hear them all in this list! Presenting 10 of the most iconic video game sound effects of all time!

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djreplay2081d ago

How have you forgot the sonic ring sound.

MmaFanQc2081d ago

"Waka waka waka waka waka waka waka waka"


darthv722081d ago

these werent the sounds I was thinking of before I read it. Funny how they are mostly newer more recent ones.

I would say iconic...

the pitfall sound effect when he jumps on a rope.

the jump sound mario makes in donkey kong (is that the same as super mario?)

those are a couple that should have been honorable mentions.

Downtown boogey2081d ago (Edited 2081d ago )

Pulling the pin of a grenade.

hay2081d ago

Mario's classic jump sound.

eagle212081d ago

I love games with iconic sound effects.....Zelda has many...the chest opening being super awesome. :)

Kran2081d ago

an article on sound effects?

Whats next? An article on video game props? You know, like an apple on a table thats there just to look good :P

I know a lot about sound effects. Got a Distinction in my Sound Effects assignment in college. God knows how I did :/

thebudgetgamer2081d ago

bette than the nine articles about sony vs hackers we'll see today.

Der_Kommandant2081d ago


Max Power2081d ago

They had the portal turret, and that is a voice sample.

kesvalk2081d ago

what about samus somersault?


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The story is too old to be commented.