MS: Kinect focus 'is on Xbox 360 right now'

Microsoft has responded to comments made by CEO Steve Balmer that the company could support Kinect on PC at "the right time".

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Venatus-Deus2894d ago

Microsoft responds to Microsoft?

Microsoft spokesperson confirms same info as Microsoft CEO, which didn't confirm anything.

Article by CVG *rolls eyes*

DualConsoleOwner2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

"Uncharted Overrated??"
"PS3 Distant Third"
"Sony brags line up"

lol. CVG what a crap site.

plenty a tool2894d ago

cvg is pretty crap...but nothing beats the crap-fest that is n4g!!

Masterchef20072894d ago

Jeez CVG are major Sony haters

HungPHATx2894d ago

And thats why I sold my 360 and never looking back , I'll stay with my PS3 and iPad

nilamo2894d ago

LOLOLOL ipad? are you serious? You could buy yourself a decent laptop to game on for the same price. Instead you chose to buy an oversized ipod so you could play mobile games?

HungPHATx2894d ago

For me it's not about the money ! It's about Qaulity and besides rehashed MS exclusives , so called better multiplats and so on I see no reason for me to own a 360 for the rest of this gen when 360 is turning into the Wii !

plb2894d ago

It's a shame MS doesn't really care to much about PC as a viable gaming platform.

gamingdroid2894d ago

I think that is more of a developer issue, they tried pushing Games for Windows. Piracy ruined PC gaming... but you still got Steam!

Kleptic2894d ago

but they just said 2 weeks ago that Windows 8 will bring core gaming back to PC........................

doa7662894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

I think more relevant (and sadder) is that "360 focus is on Kinect right now"

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