Tales of Xillia: new screenshots — Scrawl

Scrawl: "A batch of 18 new Tales of Xillia screenshots have been sent out by Namco Bandai today. Additionally, the publisher’s released the debut trailer for public download on the Japanese PlayStation Network."

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j-blaze2655d ago

This may be the best Tales game yet...
i really hope namco releases this game internationally .

Stunt2655d ago

I wouldn't go saying that quite yet. Wait until some actual gameplay impressions come out of it.

It does look promising, though.

j-blaze2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

@ Stunt
yeah you're right lol...
i was a bit over-excited, The screenshots really look gorgeous the world, environments, the trailer was good too...

GigaGaia2655d ago

Hey, no gameplay screenshots yet. It's sad, but it still looks awesome. Namco, release that oversea or you can go bakrupt, we won't be needing you afterward if you don't release this.