9 minutes of Ninja Gaiden 2 demo

As Gamersyde promised, here is the video of Ninja Gaiden 2 from Microsoft Press Conference. Many thanks to DjMizuhara for the capture and upload.

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monkey6023901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

Shame there is no sound.

Oooh a quick select for weapons that's what this game needed. Also I like how he shakes the blood off his weapons before he puts them away.
If the European version of this game gets censored like sigma did I'm going to be so annoyed.

Keowrath3901d ago

Monkey, you beat me to it. I was gonna say the UK version will be cut to shreds just like Ryus enemies. I thought the blood cleaning motion was very cool too and finally the quick weapon select looks like a cool feature but will they implement it so weapons can be changed mid combo like DMC3 did.

Nothing really stands out in this demo from what's already gone before (apart from the amount of gore!) but the gameplay still looks very smooth and possibly slightly faster than Sigma.

monkey6023901d ago

Haha sorry Keowrath.
I doubt there will be mid-combo weapons changes though, with the amount weapons it would be hard to do. I could be wrong.

InMyOpinion3901d ago

The enemies act much smarter than in any other similar game. They actually pose a real challenge. They move around, use different weapons and tactics and don't just stand in line behind their friends waiting to get butchered a la Heavenly Sword, DMC and God of war. Ninja Gaiden 2 is hardcore.

Keowrath3901d ago

@ Jenzo. You mean much like the first game? Read below dude, I said I have beaten Sigma on Master Ninja. I have said that NG2 will quite possibly be the game I get my 360 for because I love the Ninja Gaiden games. I know that the AI is top notch! LOL, I'm not a NG Noob =p

jbstiriz3901d ago

I had sound, I clicked on the comments first then I watched the video after I had already watched it and it had sound, but it did not the first time I watched it.

secret3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

Looks fun and good, but for a third / fourth gen game on the super xbox360, you'd think the graphics would be better than the PS3's "remake port" created by one of Itagaki's underlings with limited resources and experience as Itagaki has.

Is this all the 360 can do? Has it reached it's peak already? I wouldn't want this game to come to the PS3 because it would be ported. And even if the port came out identical to the 360, it wouldn't be as good as the exclusive games (graphically) that are coming out for the PS3, such as Motorstorm, MGS4, Grand Turismo 5, Ratchet & Clank, and Finaal Fantasy. For example, instead of showing five huge sized bricks on the ground in the 360, the PS3 would show 20,000 small bricks on the ground instead. Deception graphics...I have eight games and nine bluray movies for the PS3. If I were to stop buying games completely at this point, I'd still be happy just playing them over and over again, especially Ninja Gaiden Sigma and GRAW2. Overall, the 360 will NEVER be able to produce a game like Motorstorm (a first gen game on a brand new system), but let the developers of motorstorm or Insomniac port a game like Gears of War, and they'll run circles around that port easily...

Why would I buy a 360 if all the games I want on it are availble on my PC and PS3 ports / multiplatforms? But why get a 360 if I don't like Gears of drug addicts, Bioshock, or Halo? They're available on PC's, which everyone has, and I won't ever buy them on my PC. But once I'm done playing with my PS3 (A.K.A xbox360, PS2, PS3, PS1, PSN), I can always watch the upcoming Spiderman 3 movie, Harry Potters 1-5,6, Chronicles of Narnia, and so on. All on Bluray. Maybe even surf the net with free internet and video chat. All free, which saves phone bills on long distance calls, too. Maybe listen to some music.

But the point is that the picture quality on the HD Movie is better on the PS3 than the xbox360.

And as a reminder, DVD has never been full lenght hi-definition ever. Just because you talk about 720p / 1080p from your XBOX360 doesn't mean it does hi-def. Since when is DVD hi-def??? Why do you need HD-DVD and Bluray then?


Feihc Retsam3900d ago

While I do agree that the visuals didn't look much improved over the PS3 port of NGS, it looked very smooth, the video was at fairly low resolution, and the game has at least 3-4 months left for developement. Judging by how many levels they have, and the very minimal amount of glitches I noticed in the demo, I'm guessing they have been more focused on the technical gameplay aspects than the polishing of graphics up to this point.
I expect the final built to be even prettier.

Evil0Angel3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

in responce to people who crtice NINGA GAIDEN 2 graphic.NGS is PORT ,,porrrrrrrrrt .everything was thre in the table all they had to do is add 3 more leveles and work in the graphic.IT IS PORT but it is port to PS3 not PS2.PS3 is supposly far more supporier to xbox 360 in each aspect according to sonyfangirl and defence-whores.
2 systems with the same power have to smilar game
*xbox360 with NG2 :sequal and they have to start from the ground with everything achived amazing fighting system with graphic better than NJS there is more going in the screen, better A.I and more effect.

*PS3(cell power+BR power+ken katugari power) with a port.everything is there they have only to add 3 more chapters + rewrite the code+same amount of memory+less going in screen+CELL handle part of the graphic+less effect and yet still got infrior graphic

in the end of the day:gameplay>>>>&a mp;a mp;g t;>graphic
e.g LAIR/HS(did not go to far)
Another example HALO2(gameplay) vs KILLZONE(graphic) which one got better reviews and recpetion from gamers ?

splling mistakes D: go ahead and correct me, i do not careee

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techie3901d ago

Graphics don't look great yet...they will def improve. But wow at the decapitations and blood. Here's to a censored version for the EU :(

Xi3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

why you gotta say graphics don't look good yet? so insecure.

for the guy below. It's on the "most powerful system" according to itagaki himself. It looks better than sigma already(it really does) and it's still in, to quote sony fanboys, "Pre-pre-alpha". I wouldn't doubt it to look better as time goes on, for example shadows aren't even in the game yet.

tehcellownu3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

Agreed the graphics isn't great right now..Ninja Gaiden Sigma looks way better..The only difference in NG2 is that there is more blood,gore and you are able to slice up the enemies..its a shame i wanted them to bring the game to the ps3 and usse it power.

Keowrath3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

I'd hardly say the graphics in Sigma look way better. They look no different! The thing is though the game is still a ways off and just judging from the more detailed lifebar decoration I'd imagine Team Ninja will polish the game engine to look better than the PS3 in it's final release just to prove a point.

That being said Sigma is an incredibly good looking game so if this get's released and there isn't a substantial difference it's not really a big deal!

EDIT @ whoever disagreed, can you at least let us know what you were disagreeing with? I swear there are people on this site who will disagree when I say what I had for dinner! LOL

EDIT 2 @ Jenzo (I'm outta bubbles) That has got to be the funniest comparison yet! We get an HD picture of NG2 then a screenshot that looks like it's been taken on a phone camera and another of perhaps the dullest scenery ever.

Seriously! It doesn't look that much better (YET!!!!)just Gorier. But it has a long way before it get's released.

EDIT 3 @ Jenzo (Dammit I need more bubbles! LOL) Bubbles for you mate for your response.

techie3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

I said it because we were given a video of Ninja Gaiden 2 which showed graphics that don't look that impressive yet. Certainly not pushing the hardware like NG1 did on the Xbox (though that was at the end of it's lifetime) - and I said YET; Because if anyone can do it - Team Ninja can.

You're insecure for finding it "offensive".

InMyOpinion3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

At a second look, I agree with you. The pics don't do the games justice. It would be nice to see a video comparison though.

InMyOpinion3900d ago

I bubbled you too, Keowrath.

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xaphanze3901d ago

it looks really cool

but censored? Dont think so.

monkey6023901d ago

Sigma got censored and that only had decapitations.

techie3901d ago

POP:TTT got censored - so there were decapitation animations, without any heads falling off :(

monkey6023901d ago

Prince of Persia? Really? wow never knew that! haha that sucks.
I was once told it's because Germany have some problems with extreme violence. I dont know how true that is though. Im sure there's more to it than that.

DG3901d ago

The land of Hitler and WWI has a problem with violence I wonder why.

InMyOpinion3901d ago

Remember when the americans invaded what was to be the USA and ethnically cleansed out most of the indians? Remember when they had postcards that portrayed the lynching of black people? Remember when they went crazy and let anyone with a drivers license buy guns? Remember how they started wars for no reason, killing innocents to get control over natural resources that aren't theirs in the first place? Remember how their government tricked the americans into believing that everyone is a potential terr'ist. Scaring them into submission to make them obey the government. Sure, what the germans did in the 40's was truly disgusting, but at least they learned something from their mistakes. When will the americans learn that you can't fight terrorism through shooting at it?

monkey6023900d ago

Wow Jenzo absolutely loving the post dude.

Coconutz9193900d ago

Hey, Jenzo, if your gonna play the nationality card, might I remind you that it was European disease that wiped out most of the Native Americans. Lynching postcards? Well, obviously Americans still send those all the time, end/sarchasim. Don't learn from their mistakes do they? As for guns... well, I agree to an extent. I'm not a gun person, but really if humans want to kill another for some crazy/awful reason, they'll find a way to do it guns or not. And fighting terrorism? Well, how do you fight terrorism, since you so thoroughly research your information? I'd say with Jack Bauer, but that's just me...;)

Anyway, I digress. The vid looked pretty sweet, but am I the only one that thinks the violence is going just a little, tiny-bit too far?

codeazrael3900d ago

I hope you don't me copying and saving that. Wow, there were/are some sick things that has happened over here that have spread abroad (iraq) f*ck Afganistan.

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jcgamer3901d ago

Triple-A, right? Of course...he's baaaack...

monkey6023901d ago

Okay the first 2 mins were taken up by a trailer and a long stage select screen so that leaves it at 7 minutes until the first boss battle. This game is going to be great.