New Dynasty Warriors 7 Game Info & Trailer

TSA Writes:

"It’s a couple of months until Dynasty Warriors 7 launches across the globe, and instead of boring our readers to death with more character reveals (I don’t think we have even covered HALF of the full roster yet) today I bring more news on the actual game itself. As demonstrated in past footage and from the trailer below, Dynasty Warriors 7 still retains the same core mechanics as its predecessors, though the latest offering will also include several new features."

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Dart892890d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on this.

Andreas-Sword2890d ago

yes. This game will be epic :)
I think, this game will be the best Dynasty Warriors game ever.
Day 1 buy!

2890d ago
Timesplitter142890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

It's a Dynasty Warriors game. Do we really need info?

All you'll ever need to know is that Dynasty Warriors X will be like Dynasty Warriors (X-1) but with better graphics

MostJadedGamer2890d ago

Shows how totally ignorant you are. DW7 has the all new Chronicle Mode. Which has heavy Free Roaming and RPG elements in it.

Also the weapon system has been totally redesigned, and is very innovative. You can now give almost any weapon to almost any character, and you carry 2 weapons at one time, and you can switch between the 2 weapons at anytime even when your in the middle of a combo.

Drithe2890d ago

I don't care what other 'ELITIST' gamers say, I like to just get into a game and bash stuff like crazy. I love to fight hundreds at a time and fee like I am in some sort of cool KUNG FU flik. I have always loved this series and always will. I loved the Gundamn games too!

Dynasty Warriors 7 is a keeper! I just wish they would make a TRUE FIGHTING GAME like the original DW was back on the PS1.

End of Line.