Source: 3DS hitting Europe on March 25 for €349, software at €44

€349 has been noted as the price of the Nintendo 3DS in Europe, a retail source has told Connected Consoles.

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Dylantalon12896d ago

If this is true then this handheld will fail. I'll definitely buy one though. The psp2 can launch at this price and be successful if rumors are true about it being as powerful as a ps3 with 3g 4th connectivity.

mjolliffe2896d ago

I don't think it'll fail, but no way will it be as successful as the DS and DSi at launch, if true.

Far too expensive for a handheld. All Sony need to do now is offer the PSP2 for under 250 and they're onto a winner.

Venatus-Deus2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

My Slim cost me £227. My xbox £150. My Wii circa £200 @ launch

There is no chance that this will release in the UK at £300 and be a commercial success.

PSPGo bombed at £250

Chaos692896d ago

Day one... oh wait!
- "Three hundred and fourty-nine US dollars!"
- "You'll need a second job to buy a 3DS"
Seems like history is repeating itself.

AAACE52896d ago

Uhhh, I don't know the transfer rate for euros to dollars, so I used MSN Money to do a conversion.

I put in 349 euros. It converted that into $466.51... Is that right? Does anyone know?

hay2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

@AAACE5: Acutally quite often tranfer rate is 1:1. PS3's price ratio is around 1.1(1 eur = 1.1 usd).
This isn't the actual currency rate but it works in this manner more or less in practice.

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nycredude2896d ago

I don't see it being this expensive but you never know. All that tech plus 3d don't come cheap. If it did happen I wouldn't be surprised.

Oldsnake0072896d ago

Holy cow , if it is seriously 350 € than f*ck it.

Blacktric2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

LMAO 350 euros for a 3DS? No thanks, I'll rather wait for PSP2 and a cheaper/updated version of 3DS. Nintendo is eyeing the "overpriced product" trend it seems.

AGamerOfConsoles2896d ago

Its funny because I submitted a story claiming it was £170.

I still think these stores are pulling this £300 price tag from their backsides.

2896d ago
Kain812895d ago

WOW What the...
Why is it so expensive?...freaking 349€...are they kidding me
I expected a price range between 200-250€.
i think i wait for an Pricecut...

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kevco332896d ago

€349? What's that in sterling?

kharma452896d ago

Just a smidgen over £290 which I'd imagine Nintendo would round up to £299.

kevco332896d ago

+VAT, which would put it at around £360? I think not...

kharma452896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

VAT would be included already in the RRP, no?

I couldn't see Ninty trying to charge £360 for a handheld, it'd tank worse than the PSPGo at that price.

kevco332896d ago

Yes, the RRP would include the VAT, but VAT in MUCH higher in the UK than it is on the continent, both for Nintendo shipping the consoles over here and the consumer purchasing the system.

kharma452896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

With VAT now at 20% it's pretty much in line with most other EU nations, only Spain, Cyprus and Luxembourg have lower rates.

There are 9 states with VAT higher than ours at 20%, and actually 20% is the average rate of VAT in Europe according to KPMG.

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dc12896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

LOL...Very Good!

Stealth20k2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

And another source said definitely between 200-230 pounds so I call bullshit on this, especially from a site with no sources.

Fabricating rumors is what most sites do best

mjolliffe2896d ago

I reckon the RRP will be around £300, like this says, but retailers will put it down to about £230 and say "Save £70!"

Remember, the PS3 was £425, yet 600 euro

kharma452896d ago

True big difference in prices there between the PS3 in the UK and Europe, so the 3DS could well launch at £230 and cost €349 in the EU.

AGamerOfConsoles2896d ago

Another one has it listed as £160 with £10 off.

Personally I think that the retailer doing that must be pretty crazy considering it could potentially be higher. Wouldn't they be losing money if it was £300?

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