5 Reasons you want Halo 3

What is Halo 3? Only one of the most eagerly anticipated video games to hit stores this year. The Yahoo! Games staff have come up with the top 5 reasons to purchase Halo 3. More after the jump, including the "Believe" commercial.

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toughNAME3934d ago

6. All these damn Halo 3 articles will finally stop

(look sony boys im on your side!)

lol nono im kidding
cool article

Mr PS33934d ago

One and only reason not to want Halo 3

Covenant3934d ago

Would that be Master Chick...or Mistress Chief?

Lightning Mr Bubbles3934d ago

I'm not all that into first person shooters and it's on XBOX 360.

toughNAME3934d ago

its a game...of course you wouldnt want it

Xi3934d ago

you're a blind lemming.

Daz3934d ago

To one sided lol so sad.

jcgamer3934d ago

now this one is going to get quite interesting pretty soon buddy...

bluebrad19743934d ago

To my knowledge this has never been done in an action game. This was the only reason I needed to buy Halo 3.

SpenserTracy3934d ago

1. The second one sucked.
2. To much hype, bad "Believe" commercial.
3. The old xbox was better.
4. You can buy a Wii with Zelda or Metroid.
5. Or you dont want to be bored out of your mind locking at the subpar graphics. LOL

Well you have to be critical, maby the game will rule???

darkequitus3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

replace No. 5 with either You are a fanboy C*ck or you are too young to play (could be both)

Open you eyes to gaming and stop being a drone.

PC/PSWii60 Gamer

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Currently playing:

360 - COD 4 Beta
PC - Quake Wars
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Xi3934d ago

instead of posting on websites where your inferred anonymity doesn't do justice to your horrid grammar. lulz.

AbyssGravelord3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

5 Reasons why your gay:

1. You support waiting by supporting the PS3
2. You cut yourself
3. You dislike the best game ever
4. You beat off to men
5. Your name is SpencerTracy which automatically makes you gay.

Have a nice day, oh and your mom gives me a boner.

Melee Crazy3934d ago

Why do people defend their systems like its their religion? You seriously need a life. Support games periods (Whether its Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft).

For anyone that's on the fence buying a system, what are you waiting for? The 360 and Wii has some great games out..Sony, not yet.. Sony needs to snap out the Blu Ray & start concentrating on delivering quality games now or they will end up like Sega & turn into a publisher..

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The story is too old to be commented.