Killzone 3 vs Bulletstorm - 2/22/11 Showdown

A head-to-head comparison of the February 22nd titles.

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NAGNEWS2893d ago

next will be Killzone 3 vs Super Mario Galaxy 2

ksense2893d ago

this is the last time i am giving that site a hit.

RSPproductionz2893d ago

read the comment on the site under the article lol

Inside_out2892d ago

Other than the fact they are FPS's, these games are more different than they are the same.

It's a fair comparison because both games are releasing at the same time.

Killzone 3 story trailer...

Bulletstorm story and character trailer...

Graphics and Game play...Killzone 3...

Bulletstorm game play and graphics trailer...

If you " only " have a PS3, you can play both. If you " only " have a 360 you get to play Bulletstorm and get a beta key to play Gears Of War 3 multi-player beta...

@ksense...Bulletstorm multi-player....

Don't forget that Crysis 2 is releasing soon after both these great games and will be a factor...

visualb2893d ago

I win because I can get both

*laughs in the face of those who quarrel*

marinelife92893d ago

I stopped reading when it gave graphics a tie.

Tilian2892d ago

Did they seriously? Practically an insult to GG.

socomnick2892d ago

then you are a retard, graphics are a bit better on bullet storm though.

Unreal 3 has truly evolved.

Strange_Evil2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

What about Multi-player... I haven't heard much about Bulletstorm multi-player at all, is the game even gonna have multi-player (judging it's an EPIC game, it will have), but I haven't heard anything for the game apart from some single player videos.

I just don't know how multi-player will work in such a game, are they gonna take the skill points and just make a normal death match mode?

My money's on KZ3 obviously cause the beta is awesome and the single player seems to be a huge step up from 2. But with that said, I will buy BS down the line when the price drops a little. Sad but too many games coming in 2011.

And cut the fanboy crap. If you own a PS3, you have a choice, if you own a 360 get BS as simple as that. No need for the whole 'Infamous vs Prototype', 'GOW3 vs Beyonetta' crap again we all know what happened there.

iceman062892d ago

They briefly talked about two modes for multi-player in Bulletstorm. The first being a co-op mode (I think 4 player online) where it is basically like a horde or survival mode where you can tag team for some extra kill points. The other is a single player mode where you attempt to score as many points as possible on a given level and then your score is compared to others on your friends list (kind of like the autolog on the new NFS). That's all that I heard and they mentioned that Bulletstorm doesn't really lend itself to competitive multi-player gaming.

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JoeIsMad2893d ago

This comparison is based on a simultaneous release date on the PS3 console of the same Genre.

Godmars2902893d ago

And one is a serious shooter, the other tongue and cheek.

Don't fool yourself, this is about graphics. What a multiplatform can do against an exclusive. That a title on the 360 can look just as good on the PS3. That it can look better than something just on the PS3.

ChineseDemocracy2893d ago

One of the points was "developer strength".

Don't know how that's relevant to the game itself, but whatever.

Dylantalon12893d ago

Killzone 3 vs bull...tstorm.
Have people seen killzone 3? Only comparison is both being a fps.

Iamback2893d ago

i am PS3 only owner and i am more interested in Bulletstorm. It seems new, while KZ3 seems just like another FPS but with great graphics.

nycredude2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

And where is the other consoel FPS with great graphics? Don't tell me COD cause I'll die laughing...

Edit: I don't doubt it looks fun but it also looks like it will get old very fast with all that gimmicky gameplay.

Iamback2893d ago

i don't play graphics i play gameplay. Any real gamer will take gameplay over graphics. That's answer to your ridiculous childish question.

Bulletstorm looks ridiculously insanely fun when looking at gameplay, i couldn't care less if it looks a bit worse then KZ3.

thief2893d ago

Spot on. Cant see the fuss about KZ, its just like CoD/Halo, just with much better graphics, slower and more tactical shooting mechanics, cover, the coolest enemies in any FPS ever, much better AI, and a completely different team-based multiplayer setup. Hardly any difference.

Highlife2893d ago

Oh get off your high horse. "I don't play graphics I play gameplay." I am so tired of that comment. Just because Killzone has great graphics doesn't mean it doesn't have great gameplay you know what IT HAS.... GAMEPLAY and GRAPHICS. I will take both of them.

Raoh2893d ago

i have to disagree about kz3 being just another fps.

it is in now way anything like gears, halo, socom, cod..

it may take a few things from each but as a game title it does sort of stand alone. graphics was just the thing to debate during the announcement at E3 when people were upset about not showing in game graphics (something other titles dont get slammed for, forza 4 trailer during vga's anyone, not a stitch of in game graphics)

Pixel_Enemy2893d ago

I don't care what anyone says, Killzone is my all time favorite shooter. The graphics have spoiled me and the gameplay is on the same level. The in game clan system, the warzone mode that changes between 5 different game types in one match, the class system, strategy involved and not run and gun every man for himself. There's nothing else that compares in my eyes.

creatchee2893d ago

True, gameplay + graphics together are what all of us gamers want, the fact is that there are plenty of beautiful looking games that play like crap. I won't say that about Killzone, but it is a polarizing game - some people just don't like it compared to other FPS options.

But in reality, Iamback is completely justified in his comment. Awesome graphics draw us in and amaze us for a time, but without gameplay to match, games become just another pretty face. I take gameplay over graphics any day. He's not on a high horse - he's speaking logically and as a gamer who knows that there is more to a game than just pretty visuals.

Ju2893d ago

There are a ton of games that don't look like KZ but still play like crap. What's the point?

DigitalAnalog2893d ago

I'm sorry, if KZ was really like 'another' FPS, then why are there so many people out there saying that Killzone is too different for their tastes?

-End of Line

Highlife2893d ago

A game is what it is. It is really that simple. A game could have bad graphics and suck at gameplay or any other combination. The problem is when ever there is a game that is a cut above graphically and some one doesn't like it the argument is always the same "I take gameplay." Well you should take gameplay in any game. That is basically what a game boils down to gameplay. Graphics is just the icing on the cake. And I like icing too.

Anyway I was just reacting to Lamback's comment he seems to call out Killzone's gameplay. That game has no problems there. It sounds more of a personal preference issue than anything else.

I have such a headache. ahhh

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Also, Killzone 3 have a better Story and campaign.

Raoh2892d ago

well said DigitalAnalog

nycredude2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )


You remind me of my friend who has a hot ass wife with a nice ass. However she has no tits. So he goes on and on about how he isn't a tits person anyway but loves ass. Funny thing is every time we hang out all he does is stare at every pair of nice tits he sees!

Go figure. Point is if you can't have something you rationalize it. It's a human condition.

I am a realist, and i agree gameplay is really really important in games, but how does it hurt to have both?

vickers5002892d ago

I played the KZ3 beta and honestly, I found it to be even more boring then KZ2 (which I did like). It just felt too similar to every other FPS. If I had to choose, I'd choose Bulletstorm, mainly because it's fresh, different, and doesn't take itself too seriously. And it actually has color.

I don't know what these people who say Killzone is tactical are going on about, there's nothing really that tactical about it. Every KZ2 match I've been in, it just went the same way almost every other fps goes: shoot, die, respawn, rinse, repeat, with the added and extremely unbalanced and annoying spawn grenades which made the game even more chaotic than MW2.

I'm still getting KZ3 on day one, but if it's anything like the beta, I'm going to be disappointed with it.

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trounbyfire2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

this is a joke right...right

KZ3 is in a league of its own a top console shooters and since no one cares about gaming on the PC its GOD of FPS

funny how every one says epic is making BS but its people can fly.

(yeah PC fanboys took one bubble from me but I don't care we all know console FPS sell a lot more than Pc version)

guigsy2893d ago

Why have you played Killzone 3 and Bulletstorm?

trounbyfire2893d ago

what do you mean. I want KZ3 not BS.

guigsy2893d ago

Well you call this comparison a joke and that Killzone 3 is in a league of its own based on... what? Neither game has been released, so how are you able to formulate a valid opinion of which is better?

ksense2893d ago

lol BS never occurred to me for some reason. that was funny

JoeIsMad2893d ago

People Can Fly is a subsidiary of Epic Games.

2893d ago
The-Tentacle2893d ago

Stopped reading after Killzone / Bulletstorm graphics = TIE.