COD4 Multiplayer Beta Impressions

One of the most highly anticipated video games of 2007, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, decided to keep gamers happy and release an exclusive multiplayer beta over Xbox Live. Most fans of the series are more than just a little excited to see the series go away from the WWII remakes and into the universe of modern combat.

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jinn3935d ago

why get this when they are probably already making COD5?

nobizlikesnowbiz3934d ago

CoD 5 is gonna suck if it's made by Treyarc or whatever they're stupid name is. CoD3 sucked total balls. CoD2 ruled. Infinity Ward is back again, and made CoD4 rock your face off.

The beta is so fvcking fun. This is the best online multiplayer I've played yet, and it's a beta with 3 friggin levels and not many guns to choose from. Though I'm sure Halo 3 will top it.

Can't wait till they raise lvl cap again. just go ahead and make it 26 or something so I can try that G3, M60, and the Dragunov sniper rifle.

I'm flippin addicted to this beta.

XBL Gt: RnH MRob

Hit me up we'll kill some folks.

jaja14343934d ago

why buy a 360/PS3 when the are probably doing pre 720/PS$ research. Why buy a 2008 car today when in one year you can have a 2009! I'm sorry but that has to be one of the most idiotic responses I have heard yet.

Daxx3934d ago

I think that Infinity Ward has made the multiplayer in COD4 in a way that is near perfect. The controls feel really good, the multiplayer is balanced (unless you suck at it), the customization of skill sets is awesome, the maps look great and are set up nicely, and the game has the same type of party system that Halo 2 has (the one that doesn't kick you and your friends out of the party once the match is done).

CoD4 is a must buy for sure. Also I'm assuming that Infinity Ward has done a stellar job with the single player (like always).

Snukadaman3934d ago

I am also glad they are in various hot spots in the world also.The game reminds me when I first played is alot of fun and not as buggy as you would expect being a beta...This was almost purchase after seeing the E3 demo and playing the beta just iced it for me...I think this will be the start of some more XBL love with betas...the only problems were when they were adding more people but now games are quick...

darkequitus3934d ago

else you would not have made that inaccurate statement.

jaja14343934d ago

Hmm like FF13 same old RPG, or Lair same old RS. Hell even HS is the same old God of War. What exactly do you want it to be, a RPG?

Daxx3934d ago

Hey The Worst, do you know the meaning of genre?

Close_Second3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago ) brilliant. The graphics, sounds and feel of the weapons through the force feedback is excellent. I have not had this much fun playing on-line since COD2. The new game types and rewards system are excellent.

I have to admit that I am now looking forward to COD4 more than I am to Halo 3.

My Ratings:
Graphics - 9.5/10
Sound - 9/10
Fun Factor - 10/10

Will I buy this? HELL YES!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.