Tales of Xillia Trailer Now On Japanese PSN

Since the game's reveal and the later magazine spread, we haven't heard much about Tales of Xillia. While today's news isn't anything new, it does provide a nice treat for those who didn't have the skills to download the The streaming video of the game Namco Bandai put on the official website.

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Chris3992897d ago

(Just d/l'd and watched it.) If there's one Tales that deserves localization, it's this. The plot - what I can construe of it - seems a bit darker and more "mature". Maybe the dullards at Namco are actually considering a U.S. release for this.

Julie2896d ago

I love the trailer , just found it on youtube here:


ShawnCollier2896d ago

It does look a lot better in motion. The screenshots made it look really bad jaggy-wise.

Chris3992896d ago

Dark, but still vibrant. And the action looks great on screen.

Neckbear2896d ago

It looks nice, but I can't help but feel like it looks worse than Vesperia, for some odd reason...

Arksine2896d ago

I thought Vesperia was good, but this game looks quite a bit better IMO. As Chris said, it looks like it has a darker theme. To each their own.

I just wish Namco would release the PS3 version of Vesperia stateside so we can get the extra content. Its strange that the VAs confirmed dubbing the content, yet it hasn't been released.

jjl2896d ago

It's one thing for the VA to record dubs and another to release the game. The port probably got lost in translation, no pun intended, due to financial problems and was cut from final release. If what the VA actors said was true, then it really sucks considering they did consider releasing it at one point to america. Who knows, maybe one day it will pop up on PSN instead.

TheDeadMetalhead2896d ago

"If there's one Tales that deserves localization, it's this."

Spoilers: It won't be.

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laaakokaracha2896d ago

looks really nice!

looking forward to play it...this winter was lonely for JRPG fans

laaakokaracha2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

P.S: the battle looks amazing

Xwow20082896d ago

plz namco bring it to na/eu this year with jap voices.

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The story is too old to be commented.