Sony Vs. Hackers: Whoever Wins, Most Of Us Lose

An editorial discussing the consequences of Geohot's hack, and who's to blame.

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thematrix12982771d ago

Did you win a lotto? :)
So random? Yes I know.

pangitkqb2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

This was well written and thoroughly illustrates that failoverflow and Geohot are, unintentionally or otherwise, contributing to something ugly. They can discourage piracy all they want individually, but that doesn't change the fact that they are publicly enabling less ethical individuals to do exactly that. (Note: I disagree that Sony is to blame for "building a hackable system," but everything else was good.)

From all of this I gather that the ends (the ability to run homebrew) do NOT JUSTIFY the means; hacking that results in the broad-spread ability to pirate.

sony suffers the most from this. Consumer's suffer second, and lawyers win all around, getting paid on both sides to represent in court.

Way to go, Geohot and FailOverFlow. Your insistence to hack is creating a world of hurt, regardless of any good intentions you may have had.

LaughingStoic2771d ago


Thanks for the compliment.

I actually revised the article after changing my opinion on that bit about Sony. I fully agree that they are not "to blame" for "building a hackable system" (as I put it), and I meant to convey that they are merely responsible for fixing the issue -- Sony would be to blame only if they had been negligent in defending the PS3, and considering it wasn't hacked for years, that's clearly not the case. Great comment.

bananlol2771d ago

It wasnt random, thats the problem.

hakis862771d ago

Well written article/opinion piece.

dc12771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

The article makes a couple of flawed points. I will focus on the perceived culpability on Sony's part.

In short the writer comments that Sony is partially to blame because they (Sony) released a consoles that was ‘hackable’.
- In other words.. it’s your fault that your car was stolen because you did not have it guarded by a police brigade.
The concept of 'hack' invokes a deliberate attempt to circumvent security procedures in an effort to obtain specific information or access to otherwise inaccessible data (forgive me for the long sentence).
In short there is no justification .. for blaming Sony in this. I could argue that they should be praised for building a console that took 4 years to (legit) crack.

I will watch the case .. continue to buy my games.. and build out new media integration through my PC and PS3 media server. .. My PS3 already does everything else. :) !

evrfighter2771d ago

nope it their fault because they left the keys in the ignition :)

nycredude2771d ago


You sir are an idiot. Leaving your keys in the ignition doesn't give people the right to steal.

Try go get cause for stealing a car that way and try explaining to the cops and the judge with you warped sense of logic and see if you get away with it.

LaughingStoic2771d ago

"In short the writer comments that Sony is partially to blame because they (Sony) released a consoles that was ‘hackable’."

After reading comments to this effect, I fully agree with the logic on analogy. Considering Sony's PS3 security track record, they can hardly be blamed for any sort of negligence, making my original complaint unfair. Thanks for the comment.

blahblah2771d ago


actually, here in our country... if you leave keys in ignition you pay fine. not small amount

it is kinda treated as incentive to steal.

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Joni-Ice2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

I cant wait till this is over. So tire of seeing these types of articles. People are running them in the hole. How much longer?

SKUD2771d ago

Bad times ahead for everyone. Is it really that hard to keep things underground?. Everyone wants to be famous for some shit.

VenomProject2771d ago

The hackers don't condone pirating?

"Here kids, enjoy these new glocks I stole from the gun shop. Don't go killing anybody with them though, that's just wrong! Even if you DO kill somebody with the guns, I won't be to blame!"

LOL, what a bunch of idiots.

SMOK3xFFx2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Not quite, your scenario would be equivalent to them actually providing the pirated games and telling them not to play them.

All they are doing is making it possible to create the games/guns. So why should they be responsible for those that do create the games/guns and hand them out?

VenomProject2771d ago

Because they're ENABLING the gun-making process.

Guilty by association.

SMOK3xFFx2771d ago

No, they should not be held responsible unless they are the ones who actually broke the law which they are not.

The only reason they are being held responsible is because it is impossible to catch all those who are actually making/using the pirated games.

bananlol2771d ago

So you are saying we should make guns illegal?

ct032771d ago

Geohot did not steal anything. They key was on his own paid console.

TheTruth892771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

no, the key isn't hardcoded in the console, stupid noob.

The root key is crypted inside every game or signed content, and yes, he "steal", and worse... PUBLISH it.

Lot of gamers want kill him now, because he ruined the entire gaming for PS3 (hacks, cheats are incoming).

And this why? Because a bounch of motherfu**er nerds want free games. GO OUTSIDE YOUR STUPID VIRTUAL WORLD AND DO SOME REAL MONEY with a work, that the correct way to obtain games, idiots.

Proxy2771d ago

I think you accurately surmise the maturity of many here by saying they would like to kill a man because their games have been semi-ruined.

ct032771d ago

Sure, the key had to be decoded. So? It was still on his console.

Imagine you sell me a suitcase. This type of suitcase has a hidden bottom, but nobody knows how to open it. It's the designer's secret.
I figure out how to get access to this hidden bottom and publish my findings on the internet so that other owners of the suitcase can access their hidden bottoms.

Have I done anything wrong?

ct032771d ago

To follow up my analogy: It is now up to the owners of the suitcase to decide what they do with their hidden bottoms.

Will they use it at all? Will they use it as a simple extra compartment? Or will they use it for smuggling illegal content?

Sony is suing the guy who uncovered the hidden bottom when it should be after the smugglers instead.

nycredude2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Proxy what does wanting to kill a man have to do with maturity?

I'm going to say it now if I ever see geohotz in an elevator in NY or an alley I beating him down.

All you clowns defending the hackers and blaming Sony would make terrible attorneys! LOL Don't quit your day jobs.

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xXxSeTTriPxXx2771d ago

i don't know the 7 idiots who thumb you down, but thats was a great comparison.

geohotz is giving out loaded guns(ps3 exploits and piracy), and it is hurting people(peoples lively hood), and he needs to be made responsible for his action.

he's a criminal trying to hide behind loopholes.

DigitalAnalog2771d ago

Seeing as the main outcome of this hack turns out to be destroying multiplayer games. Eventually that would escalate to pirating games, yet no news of proper homebrew and the like.

-End of Line

mark4572771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

I don't know what outcome you mean that is destrying multiplayer games. If you said that because of CoD:MW2, that hack has nothing to do with the one from FailOverflow.

I find that ps3 being able of reproducing MKV is a fair proper homebrew.

Not that I support hackers but.. you lied

Proxy2771d ago

I think most everyone here things "These hacks will allow me to run my own code on the PS3? Well, I don't know anything about that so I don't care."

However, some people do have the knowledge to write their own software and support the hackers.

I'd be interested to hear from someone who is both an accomplished programmer/hacker and who also supports Sony in this lawsuit. (It's funny how we treat this lawsuit like a sports game.)

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