Walfisz: PS3 Could Suffer More Piracy Than PSP

GB: "Looks like times are going to be tough for Sony in coming days.
With the PS3′s inner working laid bare, the system could face greater levels of piracy than those seen on handheld systems.
Martin Walfisz, one of the founders of Ubi Massive, told GI.Biz that without needing a specific mod-chip to run homebrew and pirated software, it’ll be very tough to detect which consoles have been compromised."

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Blaze9292889d ago

Probably. If you thought the PSP was easy, once the PS3 stuff gets out it'll change everything. Again.

The New iPho...wait what the hell...

cyborg2889d ago

Sales will suffer a lot and Sony's main focus on PS3 exclusives, this is never going to be good for gamers. Damn hackers

RSPproductionz2889d ago

i hope geohot rots in a cell and i hope sony send him a ps4 when it releases to his cell that says "hack me baby" and "wouldn't it be nice if you were on the other side of those bars" written on it

RSPproductionz2889d ago

i hope geohot rots in a cell and i hope sony send him a ps4 when it releases to his cell that says "hack me baby" and "wouldn't it be nice if you were on the other side of those bars" written on it.

nycredude2889d ago

Most people who will be pirating games are people who wouldn't have paid for it in the first place. it will hurt a bit but not as bad as people make it sound. Besides if it does end up hurting bad then Ps4 will be right around the corner.

Can we please stop getting hacking news for a while? At least until the great cfw are announced? /s

AAACE52889d ago

It'll be a good news, bad news thing! The things people love so much about the Ps3 will end up hurting it!

The good news would be console sales will rise. The bad news would be that people would pirate all the games, so game sales will go down.

Being able to put in almost any HDD you want will be the trojan horse. Because if you have a Ps3 with a 1 TB HDD, you will have almost no reason to buy games if you are a pirate. Not to mention, you could have all types of games and media loaded into it!

Overall, it is bad news. And I hope Sony does something to punish the people who do this, because this could hurt the Ps3 as bad as the Psp!

fail0verflow2889d ago

stop with the "WHAT'S NOW?" news already

Yi-Long2889d ago

... first of all, file-size and content.

PSP is much easier and faster to quickly download a game. Downloadinga PS3 game will take MUCH longer.

Also content. Much PSP content are games for on the go or ports from console-games, which many gamers either already have for their main console, or just don't think is worthy enough to pay top-dollar for...

Thirdly, if you are like me, I pretty rarely play on a handheld, so the only reason I bought one, was because it would allow me to download and play games.

However, my home-consoles are 360 and PS3, and I bought those because I use them on a daily basis, which also means I already went in fully preprared to buy games for them cause I feel it's worth the money!

NatureOfLogic2889d ago

"PSP is much easier"

psp is quicker but not "easier".

rodeoo2889d ago

most ps3 games are under 10gb it is only the exclusives that start to go over 20 gb. I can download 10 gigs from a private tracker in under 2.5 hours at 1.5Mbs. So time is really no issue if its a 40 gig game you can dl overnight and have by morning. The only issue will be the bandwidth cap that some isps have. You can always rent a game and rip it. Computer Bluray players are now 30 bucks and burner are just under $100. the only hindrance if a hard drive based system is not implemented for playing games is that dl br discs cost about 12 bucks each. 95% of game will fit on single layer blurays that cost a buck each.

hstick1132889d ago

Well since the PS3 can do everything I can only imagine the PS4 would help him break out of prison...

RSPproductionz2889d ago

@hstick or it could just kill him for hacking its younger brother

tack1292889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

This is bad news indeed and I hope Sony has a way of detecting counterfeit games otherwise they're screwed.

At this point in time however we don't know how big the consequences are going to be or how large of an impact piracy is going to affect the industry. Had Sony not sued the hackers it could've remained quiet and less rampant but now that they've given them attention it could be bad.

You would also have to include variables such as people downloading custom firmware for homebrew use only (and buying games), people whom have weak/strong internet, the size of the games (variable) and why people pirate instead of buying games (heck for all we know they could've done it because they want their games installed on their hard drive)

Either way, they did it to bring back OtherOS, had Sony not removed it they would not have been in this mess to begin with.

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RSPproductionz2889d ago

i hope geohot rots in a cell and i hope sony send him a ps4 when it releases to his cell that says "hack me baby" and "wouldn't it be nice if you were on the other side of those bars" written on it.

rodeoo2889d ago

he will get off. Its the iphone all over again. The only thing that is illegal is using the psn with a hacked console because its against their tos. But hacking a devise that you purchased for personal use is not illegal just so long as you are not running illegally acquired software.

Zir02889d ago

I agree the ease of use is what could make it worse than the PSP.

However unlike the PSP a lot of PS3 games have online play. If Sony finds a way to detect the pirates and ban them then it shouldn't become a problem, but it might be quite difficult considering a hacked console will look the same as a legit console to Sony. And i doubt Sony wants to end up banning the wrong people.

Chris3992889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

then act as if you haven't seen the stories that debunk your crazy theories. When turning on a PS3, all sorts of discreet information is sent to various servers. Not logging onto PSN, JUST TURNING IT ON.

There was a story about this just the other day.

They know exactly who is using what (read the article and it mentions that every program used on the PS3 is reported) and act accordingly. Especially if the GeoHot case sways in their favour. I hope you keep this account instead of swapping to another of your dupes, as in a year, you're going to look incredibly foolish.

Peppino72889d ago

The problem with psp piracy is that it started sooo early in its life and that's why the attach ratio is so low. Ps3 has already established itself and doesn't have to worry about piracy THAT much. Still isn't good news though.

the_best_player2889d ago

but you might not be able to play online PSN

FinalSpartan2889d ago

log in to read? I don't think so.

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gameseveryday2889d ago

More than the PSP, i dont think so.

StbI9902889d ago

Imagine, ps1,2, n64, gamecube, psp, emulator all over lol

trainsinrdr2889d ago

as long as i can play games on it i dont care what is happening in the world of sony

Bodster2889d ago

I honestly don't see it becoming a big issue like so many people seem to think. We have to remember that a lot of the games will be 10GB+, now that is quite a lot to download for just one game, especially for most folk's broadband.

Just look at the Xbox 360 and then you will probably see how bad the piracy rate will be which actually isnt all that bad.

Curtiss2889d ago

Yes, the huge game sizes will limit piracy, which is a good thing, but other things have to be factored in as well:

With the Xbox 360 you have to open the console, remove the warranty sticker and flash the DVD-drive, which obviously voids the warranty. The PS3 other hand needs a USB stick with the correct files, which is rather easy for anyone to do.

jukins2889d ago

until they block usb ports lol

the_best_player2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

backup manger = no downloading games
rent the games from friend or shop and copy

silvacrest2889d ago

i dont even have the fastest connection, it ranges from 6 to 7 megabits which ends up being 700 to 800 kb per second when downloading and 10 GB is nothing to me, i know someone who downloaded god of war 3 which was 41 GB, took him 3 days to download it but he does not care, as long as you have unlimited download usage and patience...

beavis4play2889d ago

so, your friend is a thief. are you advocating stealing games?

silvacrest2889d ago

tell me, where in my comment did i say he was a friend? and what impression did i give that suggests i condone piracy?

im just telling the truth, if you have a decent internet connection with unlimited use, large file sizes wont matter

chasegarcia2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

i can sometimes download 10gb in 2 hrs or less.

The Meerkat2889d ago

Some people regularly download files that are over 10gb.

Inception HD is 13gb

The disney collection is 70gb+

beavis4play2889d ago

and sometimes i can jump off my roof and fly if i catch a good headwind. S

tack1292889d ago

And some can't even download 10gb without getting charged extra.

Internet caps are a bitch.

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