Sony's Demise, NPD Domination, and Jake Fights Back

Two highly anticipated PS3 games have been released, Heavenly Sword and Lair, and to the surprise of many, only one scored decent while the other bombed. PX360 discusses what went wrong and asks if Sony can regain lost ground.

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devilsadvocate3935d ago

Demise??? lol!!!! Remember, that is like writing off a sprinter 10 meters into the 100 meter dash!!! They would be wise to not count them down and out yet. There is a long long way to go

Lightning Mr Bubbles3935d ago

XBOX 360 fans worry about the XBOX 360 and leave the PS3 alone. There's no need for this. By the way, I'm really enjoying Heavenly Sword. Passing a chapter per day because I heard it's not long.

controlling arrows with sixaxis, awsesome. I think the sixaxis finally got put to good use with Heavnely sword.

Maddens Raiders3935d ago


The PlayStation 3 is one of the hottest electronic items on the planet and that's definitely not uncool.

sak5003935d ago

Yep hottest electronic item to sit on the store shelves gathering dust.

DarkArcani3934d ago

Just like the 360 in japan, sak500.

UnasFortuna3934d ago

I am by far no fanboy of either system, but neither system is going anywhere. I have all three and to be honest, the Wii and the 360 for now are gathering more dust. They all have their fun points and will be around for the life of their systems. Sony has great stuff as does the 360. It doesn't matter which system has sold more units...for if you were true gamers you would only care about what your favorite systems is offering you now and in the future and couldn't care less about the "competition." From a monetary standpoint... of course the 360 has sold more units (likewise with the CHEAPER Wii)... they are currently cheaper because they are now easier to manufacture. The same will be for the PS3 in time when components and technology manufacturing costs come down. Sony just needs to focus on the games right now (as well as beefing up their rapidly improving online portion). You guys are forgetting how much of a headstart MS had on Xbox live even before the 360 came out. There were plenty of games that were starting to come out with Live capability....not so with the PS2. Don't get me wrong...I love my xbox live for it does richly enhance gameplay and replayability... but I have high hopes for Sony now that I have been able to try for truly first venture into and Live-like realm. Sony has proven themselves many times over in the past as far as their adaptability and technological improvements which is why they were once kings of the Gaming World. I wouldn't count them down for a long time.... I have become a Sony fan like it or not...even though I hated the PS2.

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nasim3935d ago

It comes from a dedictated X360 website

it should be x360's demise

HS is now the top selling game all over EU

ps3 beats x360 10:1 in JAPAN and 3:1 in EU

x360 is the least selling console in the world

although ps3 is at no2 on HMV (UK's biggest retailer chain)

x360 is nowhere in sight

PEOPLE complain to the MOD about this being SPAM

BLaZiN PRopHeT3935d ago

i knew it you are Amitpaul from GT. dude do you do this same stuff on every site?

jackdoe3935d ago

An Xbox 360 site writing about the PS3? Lol. This is so stupid.

Bloodmask3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Chances are that most ProSony people didn't even listen to the podcast. As it is quite long.

And just decided they didn't like the title of it. So they are complaining.

I realize I can't prove this 100% but I would say it is a strong theory.

HarryEtTubMan3935d ago

Dude your a loser, your lame... u sit around and post bad ridiculous things(that are clearly untrue and no one cares about your opinion..)about playstation 3.. Get a life Douchebag, this probally is ur life...u do know that Xbox has already been out 2 years and only sold 11 million consoles right?? right?!? U do KNOW all the biggest games have already came out on Xbox and it's still barely sold over 10 million?? RIGHT? LMAO, ur pathetic PS3 will crush Xbox by 10 of millions of consoles and I'm going to laugh in your face....very soon. HAHAHAHAHA I'M NOT A FANBOY BUT THIS THREAD IS F#CKING GAY AS HELL. BLOODMASK IS A DESPERATE, 10 YEAR OLD SH!TBOX FANBOY AND HAS NO CLUE WHATS GOING ON IN THE REAL WORLD. They are only winning by 6 MILLION consoles and have been out more than a year longer with biggest games being released.... HAAA. PS3 has hardly released anything yet.. YOU'RE A DOUCHE!

GunPants3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

i just rented it yesterday and i already beat it. 5 hours;
so much for boo-ray making the games longer. and whats even worst is the fighting is boring and just the same 3 guys over and over and over.

if any one hasn't played i'll explain, go to one room, kill 10 guys go to next room kill 15 guys go to the next room kill 12 guys, rinse and repeat for 5 hours. and the boss battles are WAY to long and point less.

5/10 and thats being nice cuz the visuals are good if you look past the frame rate issues.

devilsadvocate3935d ago

I love how the completion time is coming down. I would bet you never played it because that dont sound like heavenly sword to me. What about the shooting parts, and the parts where you have to faff around shooting shields at levers etc.

The way it is going xbox owners will be nailing this game in 20 minutes by next week.

trane073935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Just a damn trolling fanboy like always.

Ju3935d ago

I am with devilsadvocate. I don't believe you GunPants. How comes, that if the boss battles are too long and boring, and you can beat the game in 5 hours?

I bet, the net time is more then that, because there is no fast run thru mode. You have to beat up the crowd, you can't just ignore them. A 5 hour play sound like a run thru to me, IMO. If you don't want to play a game to enjoy but want to finish it as quick as possible, what's the point in playing at all ?

The environment is amazing, the shooting elements add a nice variety, the dialog cut scenes unique. How's that a 5/10 ?

nough said. go play Halo.

Kadajvs3935d ago

dude first of all stop with all your lieing because one.. the game is more than 5hours even without dieing and you're the only xbot fanboy that i've heard that said it was lame..even your other fellow xbot boys agreed it's an awesome game so stop trying to cover up and not give credit where it's due. If you knew anything you would know that started making this game 4YEARS ago meaning they didnt even have the developer kits that are out now to help support them making this game into a 50gig game so do your research before you try to flame a game you have no idea about you idiot...PS3 rocks FTW

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