The Nintendo 3DS Features Friend Codes

According to the latest edition of Japanese gaming bible Famitsu Super Street Fighter IV 3D edition will feature the dreaded friend codes.

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Kran2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Was there really a point in friend codes before hand? Hardly anybody used theirs. I know I barely used mine on my DS.

Chaos692742d ago

- Friend codes
- Region lock
- Short autonomy
- Overpriced
Hehe Nintendo is just awesome.

Kran2742d ago

Try saying that to my Nintendo fanboy friend.

Seriously. He brings his Wii into college with it's own little screen, he only plays on his Wii or DS. He wont go near a PS3 or a 360. I once invited him round to try out Kinect and he wouldn't. He's into dragons. Hardcore, but so not hardcore at the same time >;l

I mean seriously. Xbox 360/PS3 are for hardcore gamers. The Wii is a FAMILY product, not something a 17 year old male should be playing on. I mean, 16/17 of us in our class go on our 360's, ps3's or pc's. He is the only Nintendo fan. He said he got bullied in school for it. Maybe its a sign.

Anyway. You guys dont care so feh xD

Rage_S902742d ago

seriously i was looking forward to this now im in a state of meh...

2742d ago
iamtehpwn2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

Friends codes wouldn't even be bad provided the damn things weren't Game-specific and it was only one universal code.

K922742d ago

Yeah, let's hope they're universal if there are any.

AuToFiRE2743d ago

didnt nintendo learn their mistakes with the wii?

Chaos692742d ago

The Wii and the DS sold (sells) zillions so for them no mistake was made.

Axecution2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

They would have sold and would be selling more if it had good free online like the PS3. I for one wouldn't have traded in my Wii if i had more online games to play, and if i could use a universal ID for all of my names + have a friends list to chat and play with, etc. Hardcore games would also sell more, and maybe actually exist if online was decent.

I'm sure im not alone on this either. Nintendo's online system is terrible.

fatstarr2743d ago

-_- gtfo please be wrong...

Titanz2743d ago

Never felt so terrible xd

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The story is too old to be commented.