Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Second Impressions: Fumbling Towards Acceptable

From Wired:

"Having played another few hours of Final Fantasy Crisis Core, I see a few things that weren't present in the game's first sections; things that might, in the end, redeem this PSP game."

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Vojkan3873d ago

Who ever this guy is, he is moron! How can you pretend to be FF fan and care how good or bad this game is when cut scenes annoy you? Anyone who played one single FF games knows that cut scenes and a lot of bs talk is PART OF FF games, every single game!
So his comment that he left PSP on the table and watched some TV until cut scenes were over, it blows my mind. He is annoying and i give 1/10 for his stupid opinion.

BTW-i am not defending PSP or this game, don't care that much to be honest, its just that HE annoys ME!

dale13873d ago

350,000 sold plus first day was it in japan 77777 thousand limited psps sold and one idiot from wired it will be a million seller no danger

Vojkan3873d ago

No "plus", those 350k is combined with those 77.777 limited PSPs

Corrupt3873d ago

Why is this in the PS3 and Xbox 360 sections and not the PSP section?

Marceles3873d ago

Complaining about the materia combination system? This feature was also in Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles and while it wasn't a popular feature, it brought something new to do on the game. But here's an idea blog writer...if you don't want to combine materia, don't. As for the music, some of the music is just ok but the remakes of the original music are really good. Anyways, maybe Gamepro should hire this guy to write for them.