Sony Playstation 3 Review: Great, But Nowhere Near Its Potential

From Proud Reviews:

"So I got my Playstation 3 on the UK launch date, and I thought I should wait a few months to review it; taking into account of everything thats gone on.

I won't bother going into the specifications of the console, you probably either know them, don't want to know them or you can just find them on Google.

Design & Ergonomics: I'll briefly talk about this first. The console looks slick, damn sexy and its highly glossy and it just looks beautiful anywhere. However, it also is a dust magnet which needs to be frequently cleaned to keep it up to its ultra-high finish. You really can see your own reflection it it. The disc tray is now automatic and eats your disc as you put it against the slot which feels brilliant. Similarly, you can eject it by using your controller, or use a touch sensitive button the ps3 itself; class. The controller is now wireless, a million times lighter and feels better overall. Sony did a great job designing the console, and the controller and I don't think I would change anything about it."

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thechadummduh3745d ago

agreed with this review just i do think warhawk and resistance and great games and maybe some people would buy the system for those games but still great review

w57cpd3745d ago

We can all agree or disagree with the PS3 current position in the video game industry. If the PS3 is unable to at least match the 360's games attachment ratio, Game Developers will continue to support the 360 (MS is not Sega) whether we like it not. This is a problem Sony needs to fix in order to over take the Xbox 360. Why pay more for less?

devilsadvocate3745d ago

so he likes it, but wants to wait till there are more games - so he waits six months then reviews it just before we start getting loads of games.......and says there are no games.


TheExecutive3745d ago

So, is it a good investment? Yes. Is it worth buying this second? Probably not.

That about sums it up. Although I have had one since '07 and enjoyed many a blu-ray movies on it and enjoyed resistance, motorstorm, warhawk and now HS I feel as though christmas of next year is really when the console will shine. So it is a good investment in future gaming, as of right now? I dont know... although its worth it to me, the masses may think otherwise.

toughNAME3745d ago

I, the masses, completely agree

bluebrad19743745d ago

People need to understand that the ps3 is what it is. Which is a blu-ray player masquerading as a game console. The Cell was put in the ps3 to support blu-ray. The ps3 isn't going to magically become some kind of uber console. This so called "potential" is nothing more than sony PR trying to fool foolish people.

gerrard3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

So I suppose they fooled you with killzone 2 or MGS 4 then?

bluebrad19743745d ago

I don't know what your refering to. However, I can tell you that there isn't a ps3 title currently available, in development, or that will ever be made that can't be done as good or even better on the Xbox 360.

DJ3745d ago

The 360 can't even handle Deferred Rendering at Killzone 2's scale, let alone the geometry processing that's done across both the SPUs and RSX. The SPUs do Lighting and Geometry processing 10~30x faster than G5 processors, so unless Xenon suddenly gets 60 Cores it's not happening. The physics, AI, and particle FX looked pretty damn good as well.

Go away, hater.

bluebrad19743745d ago

I thought you were going to show me something the 360 couldn't do. Btw, KZ2's ps1 quality textures are "Only possible on the ps3"!!

gerrard3745d ago

Ok you asked for it, lets see your feeble 360 handle motorstorm(i.e texture mapping, draw distance, cinematic display) i bet it'll breakdown even before attempting this, so take that down your pipe & smoke it.

bluebrad19743745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

I haven't seen the ps3 surpass Kameo's graphics quality yet.

Dirt for 360 looks just as good as Motorflop.

UnasFortuna3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

What world do you live in? They are both powerful consoles...but motorstorm would make the 360 work for a living to run it. DIRT?? I have it and guess what...that is the perfect name for it...for it is gathering dirt on my shelf after just playing the first time. The PS3 does have more potential and that is just a fact of life...or technology..that is. You can argue with your asinine teenage arguments over and over..but at the end of the day..that is all they will be. The PS3 made for the bluray??? I guess you could say yes since it is integrated into the system so the GAMES can take advantage of it. Yes, the 360 has some truly amazing games... but not at took time. Call of duty was the only one worth buying at the beginning... damn...wasn't that out on the ps2 also and the bad. Kameo? Elder Scrolls? PGR?..humm...guessing that these could have been made to run on the original xbox as well....they were not stellar...just check back on the reviews of the launch titles. Now...Gears...that was a [email protected] game... I will give MS that one and they have some great ones coming out in the future... but so does Sony.

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gerrard3745d ago

Its a good investment but needs more software. However this year will be good too because don't forget as well as warhawk and heavenly sword we'll also be getting UT3, Uncharted drakes fortune, pro evo 2008, GT5 prologue, Haze and Home

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