All Age Gaming: Two Worlds II Xbox 360 Review

John from AAG writes: "Every so often a games comes along and actually surprises me. For better, or for worse. Reality Pumps’ Two Worlds 2 (yes, a thoughtless title), is one such game. One such, that has surprised me for the better, resulting in what I would argue to be one of the most true to form and standout RPGs since the last Elder Scrolls title. Read on to find out just why this mammoth of a game is worth losing yourself in."

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creeping judas2896d ago

This is sounding better and better!!

Can't wait. I am actually one of the very few actually liked the 1st Two Worlds despite all the glaring faults it had.

Miths2896d ago

Based on this review it sounds like the 360 version must be quite a bit uglier than the PC version then.

I'm only a few hours into the latter (it has failed to get me properly hooked so far, so other games came along and got me sidetracked, but I do plan on giving it another go), and while the game engine certainly isn't state of the art and the graphics have its fair share of blemishes, overall I think it's a pretty decent looking game, particularly the landscape, but the characters are also okay (though with hilariously bad animation during conversations).

lastdual2896d ago

There are plenty of youtube vids if you want to compare. The game of course looks best on a high-end PC, but the console versions really don't look that bad.

The reviewer's less-than-descriptive "doesn't look much better than the first game" take on the graphics just sounds like a (rather crazy) opinion. It's clearly a significant upgrade. Maybe he just doesn't like the style.

Bluemaster772896d ago

This game might actually warrant a purchase But im a big RPG fan so maybe its just me

phantomexe2896d ago

I can't wait to give it a run.

Tex1172895d ago

Its a purchase for me.