New Famitsu Magazine scans of SCIV

Two new scans of Soul Calibur IV in the Famitsy Magazine. Raphael, astaroth, and hilda.

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roadkillers3836d ago

Although these are good games I enjoy Mortal Kombat a lot more. Hopefully DoA comes to the PS3 for I can give that a chance.

DrWan3836d ago

The article is written in Chinese

Chriswsm3836d ago

Ivy is the hottest game girl anywhere IMO.

Great pics and seeing I have got every Soul Calibre game since the PS1 I will be sure to get this one. SC3 is the obly PS2 game I regularly play on my PS3.

vaan3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

It looks last gen like DOA or Ninja Gaiden. It needs real time shading and lighting on the characters, not just the backgrounds. So far Virtua Fighter 5 is light years ahead of this, Tekken 6 and DOA. There is still allot of time to improve, but if you download the Soul Calibur 4 video from the Japanese/us PSN, the graphics are just 'meh'.