Ninja Gaiden 2 demo video captures

You may already know it or not, but the full video of last week's Microsoft Press Conference is now available on the Marketplace, and in HD. Gamersyde will of course capture everything that's worth watching, but it will take a bit of time. So while waiting for the videos here are some captures of the demo of Ninja Gaiden 2.

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TheMART3935d ago

Fack! This game will be badass!!! A sort of God of War kind of game for the 360 exclusive. Great move Microsoft. And Sony fanboys want it so, so bad...

Well I'll say: if you are going to get NG2 in the end, 360 owners will be getting MGS4 for sure.

Mario183935d ago

You can keep NG2, we got MGS4, anyway God of War 3 PS3 exclusive

HeavyweightInTheGame3935d ago

Those pics sure look look pretty tight

macsto3935d ago


roadkillers3935d ago

I havent played NGS yet but I have played the demo on the PSN. I cant wait for this. When is this released? PS3 and Xbox same time or is it an Xbox timed exclusive?

HeavyweightInTheGame3935d ago

At the moment, it is purely on available for x360. No timed exclusive.

jay33935d ago

it's full 360 exclusive sadly

roadkillers3935d ago

I dont get why they would release Sigma then a couple of months later say its exclusive to the 360. Why would they do that? Weird.

Bnet3433935d ago

Don't be stupid, look at the publisher. You want Ninja Gaiden 2, buy an Xbox 360. Don't want to buy one? Steal one. Don't want to buy one or steal one, STFU and GTFO.

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The story is too old to be commented.