Today's Kinect hack: Max Payne

Max Payne has been made Kinect compatible by the same man who rigged Modern Warfare up to Kinect.

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Kran2890d ago

His hacks aren't really legit though as he uses other controllers. If it was a Kinect hack, he would JUST use Kinect.

FragMnTagM2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

I agree, but it would be pretty hard to do all of that with just the Kinect. At this moment, MS is sticking to the "you are the controller" mantra. Something like this being added farther down the road is still a possibility though.

I like how he has this setup for Max Payne though. I would like to 'hack' my Kinect for my PC one of these days. Who knows, maybe I'll make my own hack if I get into it enough. Always strapped for time.

Kran2889d ago

I think so too, but I mean look at the left 4 dead hack. He doesnt use any controller and his hack works very well. He's able to move, and shoot.

scofios2890d ago

D'ont know but to me it looks fake .

FragMnTagM2889d ago

What looks fake about it? Looks legit to me.

Looks pretty fun too as it adds a new level of immersion.

Bigpappy2889d ago

Too complicated for casuals. He needs to simplify the controls. Core games would just bust out the controller for this one.