20 PC Exclusives Of 2011 You Should Know About

This year will see to a number of RPGs and RTS games coming out exclusively for the PC. It may seem that major FPS titles have totaly shifted their focus to consoles. Where FPS fans on the PC will be wearing frowns after going through our list, RTS and RPG fans are going to go nuts. Here are the 20 PC exclusives for PC coming this year that you should know about.

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Pandamobile2894d ago

So many damn games coming out this year...

jy_mrnd2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Yeah alot of good games on that list.I still got alot of games to beat on steam.I love gaming on PC!

Darkfiber2894d ago

I very very much doubt Diablo 3 will come out this year. "According to leaked information". yeah cause that's always been a reliable source, and you know how much Blizzard delays their games. I'm sure they don't have a release date yet, how is it that the "leakers" do?

As for Torchlight 2, I was under the impression it would be on consoles as well, or at least on 360 as the first one will be.

Valve has been giving more love to consoles lately, especially PS3. I wouldn't doubt that they are going to attempt to put their DOTA game on console. I don't think platforms have been officially announced yet, or anything really for that matter.

A remake of the original Witcher game was supposed to come to console but they cancelled it to focus on the second, which may end up coming to console as well.

Neverwinter will NOT come out this year. A bunch of these games also suck. Not a very good list.

chak_2894d ago

Not counting multiplat...

Not enough time