Kingdom Hearts Zero for the PSP

From the 1up podcast they think that the next game in the Kingdom Hearts universe will be called Zero and will be on the PSP system. For now though this is just a rumor.

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cloud3603598d ago

When u watched the secret KIngdom HEarts 2 trailer

You saw it had really good graphic. So can it be on PSP. its gonna be on pS3.... or could be on 360 but whats the chance of that

roadkillers3598d ago

Who knows that could be a different KH game. You know how there working on like 5 FFXIII games. They could be working on a couple of KH games.

Xemnas3598d ago

UGH NO DONT put it on 360 damnit -_-"

Bnet3433598d ago

LOL! It would be funny if they did. I doubt it, but I would have the time of my life just reading the comments.

GoLeafsGo3598d ago

..KH Zero is mentioned at 84:10.

jkoz3598d ago

Thanks... we had another article that mentioned this for Square games.. not sure why we needed another article, was hoping for some new news, but nope.

Xwow3598d ago

KH3,also i love square-enix for bringing their best IPs for the playstation brand.

Lightning Mr Bubbles3598d ago

Maybe good news for the whole playstation family with regards to Kingdome Hearts, since it's been rumored for a while that the franchise is leaving playstation for other consoles like Wii and DS.

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The story is too old to be commented.