Kmart holds PS3 Greatest Hits Game Sale

Kmart stores this week began holding a Greatest Hits Game Sale for Sony Corp.’s Playstation 3 in a new promotion.

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Balt 2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Kmart is still in business? Selling a unit at Kmart and not selling a unit affects no outcome. It's as if it never happened.

JoeReno2889d ago

Now you are trolling Kmart for christ sake? Come on dude. Yeah Kmart might not be the giant they once were but in my area (berbs of LosAngeles) there are 3 Kmarts in a 10mile radius.

So say what you want but they are still in business and yes there sales of games count. If your going to troll silly crap at least go at it with some humor or come at it from a better angle.

cyborg69712889d ago

So let me guess your a Walmart slave. Which is the biggest collection of white trash next to a nascar race.

Balt 2889d ago

Wal-mart? I think not. I haven't been into a department store, outlet store, such as that in years. Wal-mart is one of the biggest evils in America right now -- Undercutting many business and sending many small ones out of business all together.

They are working on a unified market and that, to me, is communistic. I wouldn't shop at Wal-mart if someone gave me a life time membership to Sams Club.