What's your favorite video game music of all time?

Video game music has come along way since its inception. Now today, with millions of dollars budget, as well as top notch composers, video game music is an essential, as well as memorable attachment to all games.

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codeazrael3868d ago

Mine is in the Street fighter/Marvel vs. Capcom universe. Who comes up with this music? It's really hypnotic.

P.S. Ryu stage music FTW!

TheXgamerLive3868d ago

What? There was basically no music in Sp1? I know:) I appreciated the silence.

Music sometimes takes away from a game, however I did like the music and radio tracks in GTA Vice city.

codeazrael3868d ago

It was the first GTA to go from really low, unrecognizable music to actual music you know or at least heard of.

monkey6023868d ago

Metal Gear Solid when you have been spotted by the enemy (the music in the trailers). It's when that music comes on the action begins ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.