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DC Universe Online Walkthrough

DC Universe Online Walkthrough and Strategy Guide. DC Universe Onlines is the only next-generation massively multiplayer online action game that delivers unparalleled physics-powered combat set in the DC Universe. (DC Universe Online, PC, PS3)

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Reckless718  +   1274d ago
i have been playing this game all night i love it
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BX81  +   1274d ago
The learning curve on this game will punch u in da face if u never played a mmo. Luckily I started small with borderlands then went on to monster hunter. Now I understand most mmos. I was wrong saying a $15 fee was dumb with all the games coming out this year. IMO they released it b4 any other game knowing u would get hooked. Now I'm cutting other games off my to get list just to pay the monthly fee, starting with bullet storm. This game is a 8/10 for me
soundslike  +   1274d ago
Once you get into a league/guild and get some regular people to play with you'll understand them even more. Even terrible MMO's can be fun with good people, I played a f2p one for a couple of months and there's a big social politics side that reveals itself over time.
That one slutty girl who keeps trying to show her tits on skype to guys with girlfriends in the guild, the enemy guild that is lead by a guy that your guild leader used to know in real life years ago and has a major grudge and tries to steal all his members...etc.
Not saying DCUO is a comparable to a f2p mmo, its amazing, just saying the appeal only grows over time. You tend to forget other games are even being released. this game is going to save me at least 120 dollars from the first few months of 2011.
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undercovrr  +   1274d ago
I also bought the game last night, and I'm loving it. Playing on a pvp server is really intense
JohnnyMann420  +   1274d ago
Is this site broken?
gameguidedog  +   1271d ago
Yah, try the alt source above.
JohnnyMann420  +   1271d ago
gameguidedog  +   1270d ago

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