Kingdom Hearts at TGS

Well it looks like Kingdom Hearts will be making an appearance at the Tokyo Game Show. Square-Enix has reserved a room just for Kingdom Hearts.

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Umbrella Corp3873d ago

Yes I love Kingdom Hearts I hope a game is coming out soon i cant wait till 2010 ill DIE!

Lightning Mr Bubbles3873d ago

It doesn't mean it's Kingdom Hearts 3, and obviously what console it's on is even bigger news.

xhi43873d ago

if it is revealed it is Kingdom Hearts 3 (most likely on ps3, well obviously because of Japan and other factors) then I will sh** my pants and cry in joy.

But, as usual, as many have speculated, it probably isn't Kingdom Hearts 3. Many have said it is Kingdom Hearts Zero or something like that, a spinn off as Square Enix is so famous for, so if it is, then i'll be dissapointed, but if it isn't, I will as I said previously, sh** my pants so hard that my ass**** will rip and tear open and tears will stream down my face in painful joy at this amazingly brilliant news. But....probably not aye.

Lightning Mr Bubbles3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

yeah okay... I don't like Kingdom Hearts that much either.

Microsoft Knight3873d ago

will be exclusive to 360 mark my words Sony a** bots

rukusa3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

LOL Mart you've become a f*cking joke character here.

Sounds like youre getting desperate after the 1up yours podcast revealed that PS3 will be getting alot of high profile exclusives announced at this TGS.

Im just waiting for what the xbots think of next after "NO GAMES/EXCLUSIVES WORTH BUYING A PS3 FOR LLULZ!!!1!1111", cause they're seriously starting to strecth it.

Mart, are you willing to bet your account on what you just said. Cause if its not then you'll do best at leaving this place just for the sake of your dignity lol.

DEADEND3873d ago

Wow thanks New-Mart because I really got a good laugh out of that and thank you for brightening up my day with a good joke.

Darkiewonder3873d ago

Talk about the correlation of Kingdom Hearts 1, Chains of memories, and then Kingdom Hearts 2. and BAM new video. still no information... 2 seconds later. "Come buy some Kingdom Hearts Figurine and accessories at the Square-enix Booth"