Lair - "Clumsy game controller play a big drawback in PS3's Lair"

There is an enemy in the dragon dogfighting game Lair more fearsome than its fire-belching lizards, man-trampling minotaurs or skyscraper-sized sea serpents; an enemy that will strike mortal dread into the heart of even the most hardened gamers. That enemy is your PlayStation 3 controller.

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Maddens Raiders3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

I've got the game and it plays as it should. Factor 5 wanted to introduce motion sensing as the medium for control as opposed to the tried but true, albeit unoriginal thumbstick control. The funny thing is that my friend and I (who happens to be a member here @ N4G [AlitheWise]) were playing it last night. He is a big Wii fan so he picked it up and played it flawlessly. It was slightly telling when he looked at me and asked, "What's everyone complaining about?" I replied if people don't have something to complain about sometimes it's hard to justify your job.

All in all this game is absolutely beautiful -- and yes I bought it, didn't rent it. The one thing that takes a lot of learning in my opinion is the in air dragon battles. I'm only on the third campaign, but already I can see how exciting this game is going to be as I continue moving along and mastering the controls. I would be remised also if I didn't mention the musical score. Music is a big factor for me in games and L.A.I.R doesn't disappoint. It sounds like the NY Philharmonic is in my living room everytime I crank up this game. Crisp, mood setting sound that fills out the story brilliantly. I also like the medal system and upgrades as this adds a little more to the game in replay value -- only making one a better master of the controls as you move along to completion. Fine tuning the controls is an art and should be approached as mastering the fine twitches of Gran Turismo. This is a brilliant game.

Drawback: I have not mastered the 180 yet and it seems like I'll have to practice a little harder to get it down pat. I must add; however, that it's not an integral part of the game (at this point) and may be more vital as I get deeper into the game. I'll just have to see, but for now banking left or right works just fine.

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Gameplay --- 8
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Replay --- 8
Controls --- 8

84% Overall Score

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Maddens Raiders

sly7773928d ago

Yes, I bought the game as well and and it takes a little getting use to the motion controls. But once you get past the learning curve, the game is very enjoyable. Framerate could be improved a little but it still doesn't distract too much from the gameplay.

It really doesn't deserve the some of the poor reviews.

- Saleem Bachu