Dead Rising 2 Costume Packs A Dollar Cheaper on PSN

Hell Descent: For those of you out there who bought Dead Rising 2, love DLC, and have either one to four dollars to spare, then listen up! The four theme packs for Dead Rising 2 have been lowered from an amazing two dollars, to a single dollar! But HURRY! The deal only lasts for one week after the PSN update. The four packs are Ninja, Psycho, Soldier, and Sports fan. Each one sports some new duds which give bonuses to Chuck’s weapons and skills. We suggest these packs if you are a Dead Rising fanatic and have exhausted all fun from the game. You could download Case West and team up with Frank…never mind.

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Roper3162889d ago

anything more then free is to much to pay for a 100kb unlock key for content that is already on the disc. piss off Scamcom and take your garbage games with you.