Destructoid Interview: Rey Jimenez on Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

In an interview made by Destructoid with Rey Jimenez, they are talking about why did Capcom chose Super Street Fighter II Turbo instead of a different SF title, can we expect the remake of more titles in the same stylized HD, the release date of the game, which console is better for playing the game, and what Capcom dropped because the size limitations?

Destructoid: Taking into account hardware limitations, control options and online presence, which console would be the optimal choice on which to play SSFIITHDR?

Rey Jimenez: The game will run practically the same on both platforms and have the same features. The only changes between the two I forsee will be in how they handle things like achievements. The PS3 will have it's own form connected with "Home", but that's really all I can think of.

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WafflesID3902d ago

the BIG issue is the craptastical d-pad on the 360. In this regards the PS3 d-pad FTW.

Are there any decent arcade joysticks for the 360 for fighter games?

Mu5afir3901d ago

Yeah, the pad might be decent for shooters, but isn't that great for anything else.

jackdoe3901d ago

There is supposed to be a VF5 pad coming out.

Bnet3433901d ago

360 DPad sucks for fighting games, thats why you can buy the DOA4 arcade stick or wait for the VF5 stick. PS3 pad sucks for moving diagonally in games mostly platformers, but then you can just use the joytick. Every nuisance has a back door, quit b*tchin you cry babies.

jackdoe3901d ago

Can't wait for the remake. It will probably be the first game I buy off of PSN.

QQcrybaby3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

The fact is that if you want to be good you should be using a joystick.

There are good ones on amazon for both systems.

barom3901d ago

"I heard some stuff from the community that would be cool, like alternate uniforms, but we were limited by the size of the game."

Does that mean that both the PS3 and X360 version won't have that? Or does it only mean that the X360 version won't have it?

supersize3901d ago