More Evidence: Sony to launch $399 40GB Playstation 3

EMS Now, a site dedicated to monitoring the global electronic manufacturing industry, posted a piece regarding the news that Hon Hai will begin to manufacture PS3s. The site, admittedly, is boring to read much of the time, but, if you pay close attention to the facts mentioned in their stories, occasionally you'll find little nuggets of information such as the one below:

Insiders in the sector said that Sony has cut the selling price of PS3 consoles, and, at the mean time, planned to launch low-price models, with ASUSTeK Computer Inc. and Hon Hai Precision to supply the models.

The rumor originated when a "reliable source" mentioned Sony's changing up their Playstation offerings for the Holiday Season like so:

* $499.99 for the 80GB Playstation 3, currently $599.99
* $399.99 for the 40GB Playstation 3, currently nonexistent
* Spider-Man 3 on Blu-ray included with at least one of the PS3 packages
* $99.99 for the Playstation 2, currently $129.99

$399.99 for a fully functional Blu-ray player and next-gen high def gaming console? Not bad, not bad at all… if true.

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ReBurn3837d ago

How are they going to justify the price of the 80 gb model? Even if they drop the price of the 80 gb model to $499 as is rumored, $100 is a lot to pay for simply 40 gb of HDD. My guess is that the 80 gb model wouldn't sell since you could buy the 40 gb and upgrade to a larger hard drive for less money.

Unless a 40 gb model is going to be gimped on features then there's no justification that I can rationalize. I could see them dropping the 80 gb to $399 first.

Maldread3837d ago

Well, if the 80gig version comes with Motorstorm and Spiderman 3, while the 40 gig has none, that could be reasonable.

As long as they drop the price in Europe soon, i`ll be happy either way ;)

Razzy3837d ago

I would guess the 40gb has been stripped of backwards compatibility & built in WiFi. Only time will tell.

ReBurn3837d ago

I think that they would need pack-ins to justify a higher price tag, I thought that the Motorstorm pack-in was a limited time deal that was going away once the 60 gb models were gone. Having both Motorstorm and Spider-man 3 packed in would justify the price if that's how it shakes out.

Korosuke3837d ago

maybe 80 - 40 = 40 gb HDD is the $100......

WAR_MACHINE773837d ago

that wouldn't cause the difference in price Uglygreen. HDD have very small differences in manufacturing prices so it would only account for a few dollars.

Korosuke3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Yes, I know that.
These days, we can get each 10GB HD for less than 10 bucks. So additional $100 for 40GB HD is really ridiculous.
But MS sell 20GB HD as 360's accessory for 80 bucks or so ?

Taker_1293837d ago

The 40gb will be will not have built-in wifi, the various flash memory slot, and no backwards compatiblity, While the 80gb will have all that and a 80gb HDD

Maldread3837d ago

Yeah, you`re probably right about that.

Maybe they`ll bundle the PS3 with some other games. Heavenly Sword or Warhawk perhaps ?

Snukadaman3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Bottom line is it is a rumor..while it might come true, then sony moves up in consoles sales regardless of the problems. But how Gimped will the system be...people want backwards compatibility and with the 60 gig with limited BC not selling as well as people thought, imagine a system with no Bc and your only catering too a few who will only play ps3 wifi is not a problem...being wired is the way to go if you dont want disconnections. I agree with the hypocrisy was lambasted with 3 sku's and still is...but sony fanboys call it "sony giving you a choice". How ironic is that when sony didnt give you a choice with blu-ray?

Razzy makes a excellent point below...and it will take awhile before we hear a announcement anyways since hon hai is just starting too manufacture ps3's

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Razzy3837d ago

The biggest problem with rumors like this is people will stop buying PS3's until the price actually drops. Sony needs to plug up these leaks.

cloud3603837d ago

If this happen after Tokyo game show or somet sony has a guranteed chance of winning the war

DEADEND3837d ago

This is great news if its true that is, but I'm pretty sure that it is true.

To ReBurn: Most people didn't buy the 20Gb PS3 they bought the 60Gb so if this is true the 80Gb will sell just as good as the 40Gb PS3, its just that most people who can't afford it will settle for the 40Gb.

ROYCOROI3837d ago

NO chances... i waint to get this!!!!! amazing!! 400$ for a BD player and VG.. woooooooot