CO Monk Class PvP Championship Rules & Rewards!

The TQ Digital has just announced the official rules of the upcoming epic Monk Class Inter-Server PvP Championship!

Different than any other PK event in Conquer, the Monk Class PvP Championship provides a completely level playing field, enabling interaction between all players from all servers; creating the first true test of who is the best of the best! All the rewards are coming directly from the entrance fees collected. That is to say, the more participants there are, the bigger the grand prize will be! Players might be able to win a great amount of CPs, worth thousands of dollars!!

Requirement: Characters above Level 100 (No level requirement for reborn characters)

Entrance Fee: 98 CPs

Location: Independent Monk Class PvP Championship Server (MPS)


- Signing Up: All the characters above Level 100 can pay a visit to the Monk Contest Envoy to sign up for the contest. The system will deduct 98 CPs from your account, as the entrance fee.
- Preparation: After signing up for the contest, each contestant will have a Monk character provided by the official team. These monks will be the same class, the same level, and be outfitted with a matching set of equipment, and have the same amount of recovery items.
- Competition: All participants shall enter the MPS server 30 minutes ahead of the competition. This competition is a knock-out tournament. The Top 8 competitors left standing in the knock-out phase will progress to the final round. (Note: If there are more than 1,200 participants in one round, we will divide competitors into 2 groups, and the top 8 of each group will progress to the final round. With every 1,200 more participants, there will be one additional group opened.)
- Rules: The competition procedure will be in accordance with the Elite PK Tournament rules.

Special Notes During the Competition:
- Botting or cheating of any kind is strictly forbidden. Any character who is found using bots/cheats will be disqualified immediately, and the account will be banned.
- All the functions that will influence the Battle Power will be unavailable.

Rewards: Up to 80% of the total entrance fees collected will be distributed to winners as their prize! (Note: Every contestant can only claim the prize once.)More details about rewards please check out

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