Soeldner-X 2-Player Co-Op Mode for PC confirmed, PS3 undecided

Double the players, double the fun! The newly implemented Co-Op mode allows you to play simultaneously with a friend. Co-Op Play is currently supported in the PC Edition in offline mode only. Whether or not the PlayStation®3 port will feature online Co-Op Play has yet to be determined and will be announced at a later time.

Check the screenshots after the jump...

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CaptainMeatwad3872d ago

I'm guessing this will be some PSN game? Never heard of it, but looks cool

crck3872d ago

will or won't have offline co-op? I care alot more about that then online co-op.

DrWan3872d ago

Soeldner has been around for at least 20 years, days of the early Famicon. One of the best and earliest shooter,i guess this is a new verison.

Lumbo3872d ago

As far as i read up the PC version is scheduled for Q4 07, no precise PS3 release date though. And i really hope it will feature online Co-Op for the PS3 version.