The Overseas Connection Podcast #98

The Overseas Connection, the official Community podcast, remains steady and bangs out another show as they draw closer to the magical 100! Join Murphys Law, CPM1376 and ChinChinny as they discuss this weeks breaking news, new releases and ofcourse feedback from listeners.

Topics Covered this week:

*What playdates, Score Challenges, Racing Challenges or G4TE get togethers would you like to see in 2011?
*Torchlight is coming to XBLA...SOON!
*Top 10 UK Software for the year 2010.
*The rundown of CES gaming announcements.
*Verizon gets the iPhone.
*Even though not announced the Playstation phone is caught on video.
*WoW Cataclysm sells a lot of copies.
*PS3 hacked and video to prove it.

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