Zipper Not Done With MAG Yet

Zipper released MAG about one year ago, It has sold more than 1 million copies. It had lots of patches and DLC support but Zipper isn't done yet.

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AKA2892d ago

let it go Zipper

we want SOCOM focus 110% in SOCOM

MAG was good and a diferent experience but that it noting great or special.

Best2892d ago

When I first heard about MAG i was excited. However, after playing the beta i was severely turned off. The game honestly sucked no matter how many disagrees I get the game was just average. 256 players were never actually 'felt' in the game due to the massive size. How about we get 256 players on a map like shipment or rust.

starcb262892d ago

You gotta be stupid to want that.

nikkisixx22892d ago

you played the beta idiot

SMOK3xFFx2892d ago


Lucky you, I was super excited for MAG also, but since I didn't get into the beta, my first experience with it was after I bought it. Biggest waste of money ever, cost me $65 traded in the same week for only $20.

Retro_Zombie2892d ago

I loved MAG and after they ironed out the major kinks turned out even better and unlike COD it took skill to rape in that game.

Corepred42892d ago

smoke, you were raped lol. seriously you traded it back in the same week for 20 bucks? its either you're dumb or your lying. its always good for a developer to keep supporting its game. hopefully they'll do the same with the new socom.

SMOK3xFFx2892d ago


Come play me in Black Ops and you'll see that it "takes skill to rape."


Yeah your right, I'm dumb. Not for getting rid of a game I didn't like, but for buying MAG in the first place.

ThanatosDMC2892d ago

I'm pretty sure it was $25 on gamestop unless you're talking about a different store.

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Dylantalon12892d ago

they are awesome developers

guitarded772892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

They certainly are... Zipper was the studio of 2010 IMO. They provide the best support of any developer I have ever seen. I played MAG since the beta, and watching this game evolve from beta to launch to today has been a great experience.

Tony-Red-Grave2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

dont forget PD they fixed everything that people complained about IN GT5. that aside i still love MAG and put 200+ hours into it with 3 vets the game is fun requires teamwork and its nice to see a developer really support their game; its paying off to since more and more people are joining again.


PD said they plan to update the game every month, or so i've read, and rumors, maybe statements suggested some SD cars might be updated to premium

guitarded772892d ago

@ Tony-Red-Grave
I love GT5 (fuck the haters), but let's see how much support PD has given at the end of 2011. Zipper has been so good with MAG, and they also listen to and communicate directly with the fans. SOCOM 4 is a day one for me because I know Zipper will support it.

DontShoot-Me-Bro2892d ago

Just getting back into MAG after a few months out.

Add me on PSN , dont have many people on my friends list who play MAG.

PSN: hasj1990

UnSelf2892d ago

ill add you, this is the FPS im currently playing


Will do! but with the imminent arrival of Killzone 3 over the horizon i cant say il have much enthusiasm for good ol MAG.

ThanatosDMC2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Play it everyday. Currently on Valor though. Vetting to Raven. Add me.

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