5 Tips To Improve Your Skills in Call of Duty 4

NextGEN Gamers writes: "If you are anything like me, playing first person shooters seems to be a constant battle for survival. With the release of the Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Beta I was hoping that by some miracle I had improved my gaming skills and would be able to at least stand a fair chance… apparently not!

But don't fear, my friends. After countless hours of experimenting with game play I have found some tried and true techniques that may just see you live to play another death match. In fact I have gone from an outright bunny to an average player in just a few hours".

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3900d ago

Play around with your load out because it realy matters what weapons and perks work for you. I tend to piss a few people off on this game, many call me a modder or a dev because my average is high and I tend to stay within the top three. It's all about what weapon set is for you, for med/long range maps I like the M16 with a red dot site, RPG (perk), stopping power (perk) and deep penetration (perk) and for CQB it's the Scorpion 9mm with 3 extra stun grenades (perk), stopping power (perk) and deep penetration (perk).

PS. if you hate grenades in games like Rainbow then this game is not for you.

socomnick3900d ago

One weapon thats the m4 Get the m4 then just spray and pay cause in the game that weapon has no recoil its that simple.

Gamer luv3900d ago

Some are abit obvious,...

Some are just stupid, on COD2 i cant remember the last time i joined a game and didnt have top kills and less deaths, i have the sensity lower becuase the aim is steadier, and i dont use sniper i use the Thomson or the KA

Clinton5143900d ago

I'm pretty good at the game(beta) already. It's pretty much a straight forward shooter with the addition of perks. The guns do feel good though.

kennyfisterbotm3900d ago

I'm all over the board. It depends what map, i'm good on the one with the crashed helicoptor, and the other two i'm just fare on. But ya i like the M16, and the M4. The two best guns to have.

p.s. look me up my gamer tag is KennyFisterBotm

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The story is too old to be commented.